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Rule 1 Protein Review

Posted on May 30, 2016

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Updated 3rd October 2019


Rule 1 Protein is a premium quality whey protein isolate product formulated by one of the world's most popular brands in sports nutrition. This product contains some of the best quality protein sources available, offering superior digestion and absorption without cheap fillers that only detract from the quality of the finished product.


If you are looking for well tolerated, great tasting protein powder to give your muscles every possible advantage, then look no further than the Rule 1 Protein powder.



What's in Rule 1 Protein?

Rule 1 protein powder contains whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrosylate and the amino acids leucine, isoleucine, valine and glutamine. Whey protein isolate is the highest biological value protein powder, offering an abundance of naturally-occurring essential and non-essential amino acids.


The addition of a hydrolysed whey protein isolate to this product further improves absorption times and muscle recovery. Not only have Rule 1 combined WPI and hydrolysed WPI, but they've gone a step further by adding the free-form branched chain amino acids (BCAA's) and L-Glutamine.


Muscle tissue contains quite a massive stock-pile of Glutamine, which gets depleted during any form of stress, like intense exercise. This puts Rule 1 Protein up another rung on the ladder of quality protein products. Glutamine has also demonstrated ergogenic effects during exercise and enhanced glycogen replenishment after exercise.


However, it's the ingredients that are not in Rule 1 Protein that really set this product apart from all others. This product states on its label that it contains zero sugar, zero lactose and zero gluten, making it not only a fantastic quality protein powder, but also a lot safer and less likely to cause intolerance issues. 


Given that this product contain no lactose (milk sugar) indicates that the filtration of this protein powder is superior to most products on the market today. Not only does Rule 1 protein absorb rapidly to give a full and complete muscle recovery but it can also be used by people with lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivity.


How Does Rule 1 Protein Rate on Taste and Flavour?

With most protein powders there is a trade-off between quality and flavour. However, with the Rule 1 Protein this is far from the case. Rule 1 have done an exceptional job with the texture, flavour and mix-ability of this impressive product. When it comes to a tired and somewhat bored palate that's practically experienced every protein powder flavour in existence, it takes a lot to make arouse some excitement.


rule-1-wpi-salted-caramel.jpgEspecially when it comes to premium whey protein isolate protein powders, which don't have a lot of room in the flavour profile for adding flavours and sweeteners.


Yet, it's easy to meet your Rule 1 Protein shake with a constant level of optimism, which is impressive to say the least.


These protein shakes aren't too sweet, like some artificially flavoured products on the market. It also has a smooth mouth-feel. Though Rule R1 1 Protein shakes are designed for rapid absorption and are understandably thin to drink, they aren't too watery like some whey protein isolate products can be.


This is probably a good thing though, as we don't want to fill up too much on our protein shakes when there is so much quality food out there, which is where the majority of our nutrition needs to be derived.


Who Should Use Rule 1 R1 Protein Powder?

Anyone looking to increase the protein content of their diet can use this product. Weight training or exercise three or more times per week lends itself to an increased protein requirement. The Rule 1 Protein powder containing whey protein isolate is perfectly produced for rapid and complete absorption.


After exercise it's important to get some quality protein into your system within about an hour. The Rule 1 protein powder is made to accommodate this time of significant protein uptake during this anabolic window. However, you could easily use the Rule 1 Protein at any time throughout the day, including evenings and between meals.



Rule 1 have done an exceptional job in the creation of the Rule 1 Protein. It tastes amazing, mixes perfectly and is an exceptionally high quality whey protein isolate product. The addition of the branched-chain amino acids and L-Glutamine, without fillers or binders, makes the Rule 1 Protein powder one of the best products on the market today.