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Rule 1 R1 Protein Review

Posted on May 30, 2016

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Rule-1-protein.jpgRule 1 R1 Protein is an extremely high-level superior whey protein isolate product. It’s been formulated with some of the best quality protein sources you can find on the protein market and clearly no expense has been spared in the production of this product. R1 Protein WPI is one of the best whey protein isolate-based products you can buy. If you are looking for extremely well absorbed, great tasting protein powder to give your muscle every possible aspect of a better recovery then look no further than the Rule One R1 Protein powder.

What's in Rule 1 R1 Protein?

Rule 1 R1 protein powder contains whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrosylate, and the amino acids leucine, isoleucine, valine and glutamine. Whey protein isolate is typically regarded as the premium protein powder for muscle recovery. The addition of a hydrolysed whey protein isolate significantly increases the absorption and muscle recovery that you'll get from the R1 protein powder. Not only have Rule 1 combined WPI and a hydrolysed WPI, but they've gone a step further by adding the free-form branched chain amino acids and glutamine. Muscle tissue is predominantly made of the amino acid glutamine so not having enough glutamine in your product will significantly reduce muscle recovery, which is not a problem with the R1 Protein WPI powder.

Now it's the things that are not in Rule 1 R1 Protein that probably increase our interest even more. The R1 Protein states on its label that it contains zero sugar, zero lactose and zero gluten. No expense has been spared in the formulation of this product. For this product to contain zero lactose indicates the filtration of this protein powder is significantly superior to most products on the market. Not only does this protein powder absorb rapidly to give a full and complete muscle recovery but it can also be used by people with intolerances to both lactose and gluten, significantly increasing the amount of people that can get benefit from the Rule One R1 Protein powder.

How Does Rule 1 R1 Protein Rate on Taste and Flavour?

With most protein powders there is a trade-off between quality and flavour. With the R1 Protein powder this is certainly not the case, as Rule 1 have done an exceptional job in the flavouring, mix ability and taste of the R1 Protein powder. I have sampled both chocolate and cookies and cream and can honestly say that they taste amazing and left me wanting more of the protein powder. I found that the R1 Protein was not too sweet like some artificially flavoured protein powders can be, and had a very smooth mouth feel. Whilst the R1 Protein powder is made for rapid absorption and is thin to drink it doesn't feel too watery like some whey protein isolate products can be.

Who Should Use Rule 1 R1 Protein Powder?

Anyone looking to increase the protein in their diet could use this product. The ideal  use of R1 Protein would be for those who do weight training, or exercise three or more times per week. The R1 Protein powder containing whey protein isolate is perfectly produced for rapid and complete absorption. Post workout there is a timeframe of approximately one hour where you can significantly increase your ability to absorb protein to help in the process of recovering damaged muscle tissue. The Rule 1 R1 protein powder is made perfectly to accommodate significant uptake of protein during this anabolic window. That being said you could easily use the R1 Protein powder at any time through the day including nighttime, or even between meals.

Overall Rating of the Rule 1 R1 protein

We think Rule 1 have done an exceptional job in the creation of the R1 Protein powder. It tastes amazing, mixes perfectly, but overall is an exceptionally high quality whey protein isolate product. The addition of the branched-chain amino acids and L-glutamine makes the R1 Protein powder one of the best proteins on the market.