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Ronnie Coleman Amino-Tone Review

Posted on April 4, 2014

Ronnie Coleman Amino-Tone ReviewDividerimage

The brains (and brawn!) behind the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series is eight-time Mr Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman. So, as you can expect, the products pack a serious punch. Coleman launched them fairly recently – in 2012 – and yet they've already become a favourite with professional body builders around the world.

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Amino-Tone is a first-of-its-kind formula designed to smash down the real or imaginary wall that stands between any athlete and excellence. Amino-Tone promotes anabolism and metabolism, increases endurance, maximises hydration and assists muscle growth and maintenance.

Ronnie-Coleman-Amino-Tone--200x300-.jpgKey features

Amino-Tone is best thought of as an all-in-one intra-workout supplement offering a muscle-building and endurance supplement to support performance. It can be taken before, during (but during or intra would most effective) and after workout as a BCAA supplement. Coleman is well-aware that, for concrete results, the big picture is important. That’s why the product performs so many different tasks in one big hit. 

Ingredients and dosage

One of Amino-Tone’s key ingredients is proprietary blend AstraGin, which boosts the absorption of amino acids by a whopping 66.7%. It’s hard to believe, but the research is there to prove it. Other key components include the BCAAs themselves – leucine, iso-leucine and valine, l-taurine, an electrolyte-rich hydration complex, l-alanine and a fat loss complex dubbed STIM FREE. 

Pros and efficacy

The fact that Amino-Tone contains everything you need means that it’s ultra-convenient. Utilising Instantised BCAA’s for better absorption gives amino-tone the edge when it comes to enhancing protein synthesis for anabolism. Not only with instantiated BCAA’s but the addiction of HICA (Alpha-Hydroxy-Isocaproic Acid) a metabolite of Leucine, Amino-Tone offers an unprecedented reduction in DOMS. With added electrolytes to prevent dehydration Amino-Tone certainly stands up as an effective intra-workout product.


Not a lot to say, maybe a little more expensive than other brands due to the Colman name.

Taste and mixability

As a pro with a truly outstanding career, Ronnie Coleman has the experience to know that taste does matter. Sticking to the strict diet necessary to optimal muscular development and overall well-being is hard enough, without having to endure tasteless or, even worse, downright unpleasant supplements. 

He also knows that sugar cravings can be tough to beat. So, Amino-Tone is deliberately balanced to satisfy your need for sweetness, even though it’s actually sugar-free. 


As far as potent, all-in-ones go, Ronnie Coleman’s your man. It’d be tough to formulate something more powerful and yet oh-so-convenient.