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Green Tea X50 Review

Posted on August 24, 2018

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Green Tea X50 is an antioxidant superfood that created quite a stir when it hit the market. It tastes absolutely amazing and comes in a range of refreshing flavours, including Natural, Raspberry, Tropical, Mango, Passionfruit, Peach, apple Berry, Cranberry and more.


This product can be mixed with room temperature water, though it does taste super-delicious in cold or iced water. Green Tea X50 delivers more benefits than standard green tea, as it contains higher concentrations of naturally derived polyphenols. One serve of Green Tea X50 is equivalent to approximately 20 cups of green tea.


Green Tea assists in the burning of body fat as a result of increased energy expenditure. A clinical trial demonstrated that green tea could increase the 24 hour basal metabolic rate, which is essentially our base calorie expenditure, whether we are at rest or active. This was reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition back in 1999.



Another study published in The Journal of Nutrition in 2008 demonstrated that green tea catechins, which are a type of polyphenol, were able to improve exercise-induced abdominal fat loss. Apart from simply boosting the metabolic rate, EGCG has demonstrated a rare ability to interfere with fat digestion, slowing down fat emulsification and micellar solubilisation.


This reduces the absorption of dietary fats and cholesterol, which contributes towards the energy deficit needed to lose fat mass. The antioxidant compounds also reduce the digestion and absorption of starch, as published in Scientific Reports in 2015, making it certainly beneficial for diabetics. Green Tea is one of the few identified lipase and amylase inhibitors, making it a unique beverage.


The overall health benefits that can be seen with long-term Green Tea use include better cardiovascular health and cholesterol levels, increased fat oxidation, improved mood, focus and energy levels.


Green Tea contains an interesting amino acid that you may have heard of called L-theanine. L-theanine is able to pass into the brain where it has a calming effect, perhaps by blocking the binding of glutamic acid to glutamate receptors.


It has been researched in pre-examination university students and shown to have an anti-anxiety effect. Given that green tea also naturally contains caffeine, with each Green Tea X50 sachet containing 84 mg of caffeine per sachet, L-theanine helps to reduce any unwanted jitteriness or anxiety that can sometimes be caused by this stimulant.


Caffeine helps to boost energy levels, mood and also has an inherent thermogenic or fat-burning effect, given that it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system.


Green Tea X50 contains another powerful ingredient called resveratrol, derived from Fallopia japonica, which fights free radicals, improves insulin sensitivity and boosts mitochondrial health.


As you may know already, the mitochondria is the energy producing powerhouse of the cell, responsible for synthesizing all of our energy, called ATP. Resveratrol is one of the few identified compounds that support the health of this important cellular organelle.


One sachet, twice a day, mixed with 600mls of water is all that is required to  promote thermogenesis, boost mitochondrial health and reap the benefits of this ancient drink.


For the hard trainers, the sports minded and all the athletes out there, Green Tea X50 is a great supplement to aid this lifestyle by preventing oxidative damage caused by free radicals, due to its rich polyphenol antioxidant content. One way these free radicals are generated is by the oxidative stress naturally generated through intense physical activity, particularly aerobic activity.


 green-tea-x50-review-plantations.jpgGreen Tea Plantation 


Green Tea X50 does not need to be brewed - and it's gluten free and naturally sweetened! It can be instantly mixed and is perfectly convenient.


It is suggested that replacing your usual energy drinks with X50 promotes healthy ageing, general wellbeing and weight management, but more importantly stops the consumption of high caffeinated, high sugar and extra calories which have their own set of associated health risks.


Finally, green tea has always been used in traditional medicine to boost energy, all necessary when pursuing an optimal lifestyle. It has also been used for centuries as a soothing beverage to relax the mind, as the aromatic qualities enter the receptors in the brain, to induce a sense of balance and harmony.


Overall we think that Green Tea X50 is superb! It tastes amazing, mixes easily, is bursting with antioxidants, has proven health benefits and is relatively inexpensive per serve. Have a go at Green Tea X50 today ...