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Body Science BSc NitroVol Protein Bars Review

Posted on March 19, 2014

Body Science BSc NitroVol Protein Bars ReviewDividerimage

Updated April 2019


In addition to their potent powders and tablets, Australian sports nutrition experts Body Science offer a nice range of convenient on-the-go snacks. One of the most popular of these is the Body Science BSc Muscle Bar.


It offers a solid protein boost and, in typical BSc-style, is enhanced with muscle-volumising ingredient Glycerol, which works to optimise muscle fullness and helps you keep your pumps for longer.


BSc-Nitrovol-protein-bar-p.jpgKey Features

The Muscle Bar delivers a solid hit of protein in each bar, derived from a selection of quality sources.


In addition to whey protein, the natural BCAA content stimulates recovery and protein synthesis. This is the power of supplementing with a highly bio-available protein source like whey. It's naturally rich in all the essential amino acids the body needs to ramp-up protein synthesis, which aids recovery and muscle growth.


Ingredients and Dosage

Every 80g BSc NitroVol Bar provides 25g of protein, 8.3g of fibre, and 4.8g of Glycerol. These bars are usually purchased in boxes of 12. 


These ingredients are provided via two powerful blends. One is a sophisticated source of protein, comprised of WPI (whey protein isolate), whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate and Calcium Caseinate. The other is a proprietary blend of sumptuous flavour, made up of no-added sugar milk protein chocolate, milk solids, polyglycerol and natural flavours and sweeteners. 


Glycerol is a powerful muscle volumiser. In fact, it is sold as a pure powder and often found in pre-workout and intra-workouts for this reason. So it's a great addition to the BSc Bars. Glycerol helps stimulates water retention in the muscle, which creates an anabolic environment for growth and also creates a hefty muscle pump. That's right, the Muscle Bar helps you keep your post-workout muscle pumps for longer!


Pros and Efficacy

The inclusion of such a complex mix of ingredients means that, for most users, the Muscle Bar offers a particularly efficacious source of protein. When eaten consistently, it is shown to create an anabolic environment to boost growth of lean muscle mass and improve muscle recovery. 



Some consumers do not feel comfortable with the sheer quantity of ingredients and may be looking for something cleaner to snack on. In this case, Body Science have formulated and released the BSc Clean Bar.



Body Science BSc NitroVol Protein Bars are made to please the palate! They're all coated with protein-fuelled milk chocolate. Given that many consumers might be interested in using them as a meal substitute, the slightly complex flavours are definitely appealing and taste awesome.



For individuals who can't always fit mixing and shaking into their schedule or like to have an emergency 'fix' to ward off cravings every now and then, this is the bar for you! Sometimes it's just nice to get your protein from a solid source, rather than a liquid too.


The Body Science Nitrovol Muscle Bar covers all the necessary ingredients to support muscle nutrition and growth.