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Body Science BSc Beta Alanine True Amino Review

Posted on March 19, 2014

Body Science BSc Beta Alanine True Amino ReviewDividerimage

Body Science BSc Beta Alanine True Amino is a highly effective supplement that can be used to heighten performance in any type of work out. This product is specifically designed to prevent muscle fatigue during your chosen set, so that all muscle areas receive the maximum effect while you exercise. This means that your bulk can be increased dramatically by using this supplement. 

Sound too good to be true? It isn't, and this is why.

BSC-TRUE-AMINO-BETA-ALANINE-p.jpgDuring your exercise session, especially when lifting, all muscles experience fatigue after a set amount of time - this is a natural occurrence in the body for anyone who undertakes intense fitness. BSc Beta Alanine True Amino prevents muscle fatigue, which is actually the result of the body accumulating specific amounts of hydrogen ions (H+). As a result, the ph level within the muscle drops, and natural acidity develops. This reaction stops the muscle from contracting effectively, and hampers muscle gain. 

Thankfully, Body Science has come up with a solution to prevent the body from allowing the ph balance to drop in muscle areas. The identified element is Carnosine - a natural buffer that helps to keep the ph levels in check. During a normal set, you'll find that muscle contraction is maximised, as the normal fatigue reaction is delayed. This means you get: maximum effects from your workout session; gains in muscle mass; and, improvements in strength, power - and endurance.

It's actually the increase in lactic acid, the body's natural reaction to muscle contraction, that causes muscle strain after you've been to the gym. Body Science Beta Alanine True Amino can help you avoid this annoying outcome, by increasing the anaerobic, and the aerobic endurance of your body. 

Why wouldn't you want to enhance your work out intensity, and performance? All it takes is one teaspoon (2g) mixed with water before you begin your training, and to safeguard your body after an intense exercise session, take another 2g with water two hours later. You'll really notice the difference, and your body will thank you. As this is powerful product, some consumers may experience light flushing on the skin - the body's natural reaction to the absorption of the product. 

That's why careful use is recommended, to get the maximum benefit from BSc Beta Alanine. Energy levels are automatically increased, and so is your workout capacity!