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NEW Body Science Hydroxyburn Formula

Posted on May 23, 2014

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The sports nutrition innovators Body Science are forever looking for ways to stay on top and improve not only their products, but your results!

Body Science Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical will be replaced with a New and Improved formula -  BSc Hydroxyburn Elite. Body Science has listened to you, the consumer, and made Hydroxyburn Elite an all natural fat burning protein powder. That’s right they have removed all artificial colours and sweeteners, but rest assured it still tastes great and packs a weight loss punch.

Most people who are health conscious and seeking to achieve a lean, ripped physique are also aware of good nutrition and try to eat “clean”. Body Science Hydroxyburn Elite gives you that option. Dieting can already be hard on the body with many toxins being contained in fat tissue that can be dumped into the system making us feel a little sluggish….So why add even more nasties into the mix.

There’s no need to worry for all those people who loved the Hydroxy Burn Pro Clinical formula because it has only gotten better. Hydroxyburn Elite  still utilises high quality protein sources and the dose effective fat burning ingredients you know and love including: L-carnitine, African Mango, Citrus aurantium and the popular green coffee bean extract….But it’s Natural.

BSc Hydroxyburn Elite Protein is a versatile weight loss protein powder which can be used in different ways just like Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical, depending on your lifestyle and what you are trying to achieve. For weight loss, Hydroxyburn Elite can be used as a mid morning and mid afternoon snack as well as post-workout shake; to increase lean muscle and improve recovery, or as a high protein meal replacement. If you are just looking to maintain your weight BSc Hydroxyburn Elite can keep your metabolism kicking over to ensure your hard earned goals are maintained.

Body Science Hydroxyburn Elite Protein makes the lean, ripped you both achievable and healthy!

Hydroxyburn Elite will be available at Sporty’s Health as soon as it is released so watch this space for release of the next Body Science weight loss phenomenon.