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BSc Hydroxyburn Lean 5 Review

Posted on April 18, 2019

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Body Science have been the name of the game in sports nutrition and banned-substance free supplementation in Australia for decades. Their products have assisted athletes in reaching their goals, whether they be weekend workout personal bests or at an elite level on the international stage.


BSc Hydroxyburn Lean 5 is another solid formulation from the team at Body Science. This product can be used during a weight loss program or when working towards other body composition goals too.


BSC-HYDROXYBURN-lean-5.jpgThis hydroxyburn lea5 protein  contains a blend of protein powders derived from cow’s milk. These are Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC), Micellar Casein, Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate and Calcium Caseinate.


Each of these 5 proteins is a variation of the 2 types of protein found in milk: whey and casein.


Whey and Casein each have slightly different benefits. Casein takes a long time to digest compared to whey protein. Due to this, it is much more filling than whey protein.


This means casein protein can sustain your amino acids levels over a longer period of time. Because casein is so thick and gelatinous, it is more filling than whey protein as well and helps to keep hunger away.


This can be particularly helpful if an out-of-control appetite is one of the reasons why you are looking for a weight loss product.


Whey protein is more rapidly digested than casein. This means your amino acid levels peak faster, then decline more rapidly as well.


Whey and casein proteins when taken together should deliver the benefits of a fast acting protein, yet without the rapid drop in amino acid levels soon thereafter. This is why whey and casein proteins complement each other so well.


Whey protein is the first ingredient in BSc Hydroxyburn Lean 5. This is important given that it is considered the highest biological value protein on the market 1.  


Better Digestion for Protein Perfection

This BSc lean protein is designed to ease the load on your digestion. They do this by including hydrolysed whey protein and a range of digestive enzymes. This helps to reduce bloating and general abdominal distention.


Digestive enzymes are added to this product to complement your own enzymes. That is, the enzymes that are naturally produced in your digestive tract to break down food.




With each meal, we release enzymes in our saliva (amylase and lipase), stomach (pepsin), pancreas (amylase, lipase and protease) and on the intestinal wall as well. The small intestine releases a mix of amylase, maltase, lactase, peptidase and lipase enzymes to (hopefully) complete the digestive process.


Wikipedia on Digestive Enzymes




If you are wondering about the saliva part—yes, digestion does begin in the mouth. Amylase and Lipase in our saliva start to break down carbohydrates and fats, respectively! Yeah, it’s a bit gross depending on which way you look at it.


As it turns out, our parents did have our best interests at heart when they told us to chew our food properly for the 100th time at the dinner table! Also, breaking down the food properly with chewing makes it easier for enzymes to do their work on our meal.


It’s certainly not breaking news that digestive upsets and complaints are commonplace. This may be caused, in part, by low levels of digestive enzymes. That’s why added enzymes to a protein can be nothing but a good thing.


Hydrolysed whey protein is basically a pre-digested protein powder. This means that your digestive system does not need to work hard at all. Most of the proteins in a hydrolysed product are ready to absorb. This also reduces the load on the digestive system.


Body Science have been re-formulating and refining their hydroxyburn protein powders for a long time now. There has been Hydroxyburn Shred, an Elite formula and even a Pro Clinical version too at one point.


They have achieved elegant simplicity with this product though. Their focus seems to have honed in on some fundamental basics: digestion and quality bioavailable protein.


How to Use Hydroxyburn Lean5 Protein

When you are calorie-counting or at least keeping your food intake to a minimum, it’ always a good idea to mix your protein in water. Cold water tends to taste a bit nicer. Though this is usually a seasonal preference.


Ice-cold protein shakes in the middle of winter don’t always go down so well!


If you add milk to your BSc lean protein powder, it does tend to make it taste nicer. This is just a basic fact of protein shakes though. This does add extra calories though, which then need to be burned off.


If you really can’t face a protein powder mixed in water, try half skim milk and half water. This can be a decent compromise. BSc Hydroxyburn Lean 5 does taste as good as any mixed in water though.


Should You Take Bsc Lean 5 After Exercise?

This is a great time to grab your shaker bottle and get shaking! After exercise we do need a quality source of protein to stimulate the anabolic pathways of the body.




This is because exercise tends to wind up the catabolic pathways.


Even though your goals may have nothing to do with muscle mass, you still need to commit some of your attention to this important tissue.


Muscle is not just about looking like a Hollywood star or bodybuilder. And there’s more to it than simply supporting movement. Muscle has the very important job to play of storing some of the most important nutrients for the human body: essential amino acids 2.


In fact, the amount of muscle mass you are able to retain during a weight loss program may actually determine the risk of re-bound weight gain. That’s right, muscle helps you to keep lean once you finish your “diet” 3.


It certainly pays to keep your protein level up during a weight loss program. And also incorporate some resistance training or weight-bearing exercise into your routine.  


When to Take BSc Hydroxyburn Lean 5

In addition to taking it after exercise, it may also be used as a snack throughout the day.


It’s those mid-morning and mid-afternoon periods that can be a tricky affair when watching your food intake. These are the big gaps between the 3 major meals. And sometimes our blood sugar can take a perilous dive which can lead to low mood, poor focus and fatigue.



It’s at this time that chocolate cake, caramel slice and cream-filled doughnuts can look like some kind of miracle. Hopefully not all of them though … and not at once.


Body Science Lean 5 to the rescue! Though this product is low on carbs and sugars, it can give a small blood sugar boost. This is because some amino acids are converted to glucose in small amounts.


Also, the flavours have been very well balanced. And with flavour comes an endorphin and serotonin boost for the brain. This helps to improve mood.


These periods between main meals are ideal times to boost up your amino acid reserves. This assists with muscle recovery from the morning session. Or perhaps you’re still recovering from a session 3 days ago!


If you don’t want to power through your powder too fast though, try adding ½ scoop of BSc Lean 5 to 150ml of skim milk. Check out the following nutrient profiles to see how they compare.



1 Scoop BSc Lean 5 in Water

½ Scoop BSc Lean 5 + 200ml Skim Milk (4)




-         Kj



-         Cal






Carbohydrates, total



-         Sugars



Fats, total



-         Saturated






Body Science excel in formulating products that are affordable, effective and relevant to the needs of sports nutrition and wellness enthusiasts.


The BSc Hydroxyburn Lean 5 Protein Powder has been balanced with digestive enzymes and natural flavours and sweeteners. This is sure to be a winner in weight loss circles. However, it is also well suited to body-weight maintenance programs and lean muscle gain.



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