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How to Win the Maxine's Shape Up Challenge

Posted on February 24, 2015

How to Win the Maxine's Shape Up ChallengeDividerimage

If you've embarked on Maxine's Shape Up Challenge, you should be in it to win. To have any chance of success, you'll need to stay focused in both mind and body throughout the twelve weeks.

Goals and mindset

Visualise your own success. The first step to winning Maxine's challenge is to be able to imagine yourself as the winner. Every goal you set yourself as part of the challenge has to seem viable and reachable. By focusing on your mental approach first, you'll make the physical aspects of the challenge much more achievable.

Support groups

We are all social creatures – even if we don't always feel like it. Being part of a group of people working towards similar goals can be a powerful way of motivating ourselves and achieving success.

This works in few different ways. First, it creates a sense of competition, which for many people is a great motivator in itself. Of course, Maxine's Shape Up Challenge is one big competition, but getting to know some of your competitors on a personal level is a great way of upping the ante.

Groups can help keep you honest, ensuring that you're accountable for your actions and keeping you on track. Plus, communicating with others about what you're doing means that you're actually boosting your own self-motivation in the process.

Finally, group support can be most valuable at those times when you're feeling down and demotivated. A word of encouragement from someone in the same boat as you can be just the inspiration you need to get yourself back on target.

Diet and supplements

You won't be surprised to know that a fundamental part of any strategy to win Maxine's Shape Up Challenge is about what you put into your body. Whether your focus is to get toned, to build strength or to work on your shape, protein supplements like Maxine's BURN are a vital part of the process.

The Maxine’s Crew have put together a great nutritional plan that incorporates both Maxine’s Burn Supplements with high protein food sources such as grilled chicken, lean steak along with vegetables. Good nutrition is a key element in giving you the best chance at taking on and winning the Maxine’s Shape Up Challenge. If you body’s not correctly fuelled to take on a vigorous training regime you could be breaking that hard earned muscle. Whilst protein-rich foods do form an important part of the overall nutrition program, it's essential to keep to the recommended limits and to resist the temptation to 'reward' yourself with less nutritious options. Whilst they can form part of a balanced diet, foods like meat and dairy add a significant amount of fat to your intake. A single portion of Maxine's BURN, in contrast, has virtually zero fat whilst still delivering the equivalent usable protein of a 120g steak.


Keeping up your weight training and cardio schedule is, of course, a big part of Maxine's Shape Up Challenge. It's a good idea to refer back to your training schedule throughout the challenge, and re-read the exercise notes for each activity. This will help you to correct any errors or bad habits that might creep in to your workout over time.

Whether it's your triceps, calves, shoulders or abdominals, it's highly likely you'll hit a difficult spot at some point during your training. Stay focused, and work through it. Resist the temptation to try to compensate in another area. To win Maxine's Shape Up Challenge you'll need to stay focused on your entire body.