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Maxine's Supps in the Shape Up Challenge

Posted on February 24, 2015

Maxine's Supps in the Shape Up ChallengeDividerimage

Tackling the Maxine's Shape Up Challenge isn't supposed to be easy. It requires a strong focus, dedication, willpower and commitment. Only the dedicated competitors have a chance of winning, and inevitably some will fall by the wayside over the course of the twelve weeks.

There is, however, one element of Maxine's Shape Up Challenge that's been made very easy for you, and that's nutrition. Maxine's supplements have been specially formulated to deliver to your body the ideal level of nutritional support that it needs to build muscle, reduce fat and maximise your potential. By sparing you the difficulty of planning out your own supplement plan, Maxine's supplements enable you to focus more of your mental energy on working out and keeping to your regime.

Maxine’s Burn Thermogenic Protein

This low fat shake powder delivers protein to your body, with a carefully crafted mix of fat metabolisers, carbohydrate blockers and anti-oxidants. This provides an incredibly effective way of helping your body to metabolise carbs, when combined with a training schedule and balanced diet.

The thermogenic ingredients cleverly trigger fat burning and calorie consumption even when your body's at rest. Maxine's Burn Thermogenic Protein will help you to feel fuller for longer, assisting your weight control, muscle development and recovery. This product is available in a range of delicious flavours – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and choc latte – and is soy and gluten free.

Maxine's Burn Low Carb Cookies

These cookies offer a fantastic and tasty way of taking on board a four-source combination of slow digesting and fast absorbing proteins. This ensures a quick but sustained release of amino acids into your body.

The cookies are a perfect choice for when you're craving a sweet snack between meals or after a tough workout. There's no need to ruin all your hard work and your chance of winning Maxine's Shape Up Challenge, when you can simply have one of Maxine’s Burn Low Carb Cookies.

In addition to 13g of protein per cookie, carbohydrate blockers and metabolisers help your body to use up its fat reserves as a fuel source. Available in a choice of delicious chocolate or cookies & cream flavours, these cookies are proof that supplements don't have to be boring!

Maxine's Burn Thermogenic Protein Bars

An incredibly convenient way to get the high-quality proteins you'd normally only get in a shake, these bars also contain the same kind of fat burning and carb blocking ingredients you'll find in other Maxine's Burn products.

Quality and safety

One of the great things about Maxine's supplements is that they are made right here in Australia. That means they're subject to the rigorous testing and legal compliance standards demanded by Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Throughout the formulation and manufacture of these supplements, they are subject to tests for effectiveness and safety under TGA guidelines. The manufacturer, Aminoactive Australia, has a strong record of focusing on quality and effectiveness, and their entire philosophy is based around building trust and confidence in their products.