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Maxs Protein Bars

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Maxs Protein Bars - Super Shred
17 (0 reviews)  
17% OFF
Maxs Muscle Meal Protein Cookie
51 (1 reviews)  
25% OFF
Maxs High Protein Pancakes
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$14.95 - $79.95

About Maxs Protein Bars

Aminoactive Australia is based in Melbourne and is was founded by former bodybuilder Keith Ellis and Biochemist Paul Kirkham. Aminoactive has become a big player in the sports supplement industry with the Maxs Sports Nutrition Supplements. Maxs also delivers a range of protein bars and cookies that assist every goal from weight loss, bulking and muscle recovery. Maxs Super Shred Protein Bars aim to assist those in acquiring a shredded physique whilst the Maxs High Protein Cookies taste unbelievably great and can't be beaten for protein packed snack. Like all the supplements in the Maxs range the Maxs Protein bars deliver on taste and quality.