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Premier Nutrition

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Who are Premier Nutrition?

As the name suggests, Premier Nutrition is a leading active nutrition company that specialise in the research, development and manufacture of a range of highly effective nutritional products.

Since 1997, the dedicated and experienced team at Premier Nutrition has been guided by a belief that sound nutrition is at the heart of a healthy, active and happy lifestyle.

In fact, Premier Nutrition’s mission is as simple as creating products that help everyone live life better – from busy mums to sports enthusiasts.

But the good folk at Premier Nutrition also know that sometimes it’s hard to get all the energy you need from the food you eat to get the most out of your day. Some days we skip breakfast. Some days we don’t have time for a sit down lunch. Some afternoons we just need an energy boost. And that’s when we need a little fuel for all the fun activities ahead of us.

That’s why the experienced and dedicated team at Premier Nutrition research have developed and manufactured a signature range of scientifically robust products guaranteed to deliver an energy rush to help people do what they love and maximise their wellness, fitness and performance. 

Premier Nutrition has several lines of advanced formula nutrition products, including delicious tasting protein bars and  protein cookies and shakes.

Premier Nutrition has a few rules when it comes to the manufacture of its products: 

• Every product has to taste great
• Every product has to be rich in nutrients and 
• Every product has to be grab and go convenient 
• Every product has to contain quality protein sources

As part of its commitment to manufacturing distinctive products that help customers be the best they can be, Premier Nutrition uses only quality ingredients from a range of trusted suppliers that meet its stringent standards. 

What makes Premier Nutrition just a bit different?

Premier Nutrition is passionate about developing and manufacturing high quality, balanced, and safe products that really help people do whatever they love every day of their life.

Here’s what makes them stand out from the rest:

• A team of nutritional experts to make sure every product is balanced and does what it should
• Science based products packed full of protein without the added kilo joules, fat and sugar
• Committed to ongoing research and development and education
• State of the art manufacturing facilities
• A signature range of innovative products 
• Dedicated to partnering with you to help you make healthy choices

Premier Nutrition is always working on new and exciting products, new flavours and new ways to boost energy, to help people tackle everyday challenges and to live a better life.