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There’s something powerful about word of mouth. Imagine you are working away, building your brand, doing what you can to believe that one day you’ll hit the jackpot. This is what John Heffernan, creator of Megaburn Natural Nutrition products was doing, working away in his kitchen, printing labels with his home computer…and people began talking.



That simple but powerful transaction of information – that word of mouth began to spread and it wasn’t too long before John’s simple natural health food bars were being requested by serious health food stores!



It’s been 16 years now and health and nutrition matter even more than before - people on the go, mum’s and dads trying to look after their family’s nutritional development - everyone wants to eat right and live well and the creation of Megaburn’s health food options are helping everyday people achieve their goals.



Every product is created with the deep understanding of how the human body operates. Australian owned and made, this is an integral part of the operation in order to provide the very best ingredients to foster the best health. Because Megaburn products have always been marketed with a focus on personal conversation and relationship, there has always been a level of trust developed between creator and customer. 



With a number of exceptionally delicious products to choose from, Megaburn Natural Nutrition have become a force to be reckoned with in the health food industry and is now a renowned world-class company sourcing devotees Australia wide.



From the humble Megaburn Bar to the extraordinary natural powers of Body Boost, the products sell themselves. The simple apricot, nut and soy bar provides a powerhouse of raw ingredients to build strength and endurance. Gluten free, dairy free and containing more nutrients than you can name, the bar provides the perfect option for a speedy recovery after an intense workout. 



The Megaburn Body Boost powder improves digestion and aids bowel function. This incredible all natural drink has been developed as a whole food that can be readily absorbed by the body and is a fantastic source of fibre and greens to aid the gastrointestinal tract and increase the absorption of vital nutrients. Every product created by Megaburn has been carefully designed with you in mind. Every ingredient sourced carefully and specifically to benefit the entire body. 



Natural Nutrition – this is the soul focus behind Megaburn’s intention: create the best food for what your body has been missing.