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One of Australia’s leading herbalists Greenridge began life as a private botanical company between two families in 1987 and has since gone from strength to strength, identifying itself as one of the country’s leading natural healthcare brands.


It was the aim of Greenridge founder and co-creator Gordon Vandersee to source and produce medicinal herbal products of the highest quality - continually seeking and perfecting unique sources to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect.


Many Greenridge products have their roots in traditional and ancient remedies. In their early stages, one of the first sources used by the Greenridge family were Astragalus root, Reishi mushrooms and Pivet fruit - all of which have been used in traditional forms of Chinese medicine and are used today when creating their current range of immune support tonics.


Unique herbs such as reishi mushrooms and pivet fruit in particular contain antibacterial properties which help combat colds and flu and play a vital part in balancing immune systems and improving overall wellbeing to those with similar ailments. In short, the Greenridge company have always been on the lookout for wholly natural and simple working remedies by extracting some of the finest natural ingredients from around the world.


As their collection of herbal sources continued to expand, so did their facilities and in the late 1990’s, Greenridge made a home for their herbs by purchasing a 205 acre stretch of land to farm the organic produce that was to later make a name for them in the health supplement market.


To this day, Greenridge continue to produce and manufacture their own unique and high quality health products and herbal supplements with an aim to promote wellbeing and optimum strength in their loyal customers. Greenridge use all manner of herbal remedies to cater for a wide range of ailments including liver tonics, gastric antacids and much, much more.


In recent years, Greenridge has undergone a brand overhaul, repositioning itself as ‘The Herbal Specialist’ in its product packaging. Aiming to do exactly as described on the bottle, the Greenridge brand doesn’t disappoint, boasting around 80 different herbal products on the market consisting of various tablets, capsules and ointments to cover a wide span of health categories.


Today, Greenridge has been taken under the wing of parent company Integria Healthcare which helps to oversee its manufacturing facilities and distribution. Under the umbrella of healthcare giant, Integria, Greenridge has carved an identity and reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted herbal brands in the healthcare industry.