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Max's WPI HL Review

Posted on June 24, 2014

Max's WPI HL ReviewDividerimage

Maxs WPI HL formula is suitable at any level of training to help maximise lean muscle building results. Maxs WPI HL protein is unique in that it contains huge amounts of peptide bound Leucine (high leucine whey protein isolate), which is a powerful amino acid that works to control protein synthesis in the body. This process is essential for the growth and repair of the body’s muscle tissue, and Max’s has crammed a very generous 90.1g per 100g into this product. This is an enormous 20% increase in the level of peptide bound Leucine compared to the old formula. This is unique to Max's products, and the level of peptide bound Leucine will help you achieve fast results.

Maxs WPI HL also contains Pepform which works to intensify the peptide bound Leucine activity. WPI HL is rapidly absorbed to initiate the recovery process making it ideal for muscle growth. WPI HL is further enhanced with BCAA’s making muscle recovery even more efficient. This formula is perfect for anyone who trains hard and wants to see fast results.

Maxs WPI HL formula comes in two different easy to mix flavours, chocolate and vanilla. The flavours can be mixed with either water or low fat milk (although water is recommended post-workout) to form a smooth and tasty protein drink.


  • The formula is 90% protein to help boost muscle growth.
  • The unique levels of peptide bound Leucine help maximise protein synthesis.
  • The BCAA’s stimulate muscle recovery after a hard work out.
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Can be used for those on high protein low carbohydrate nutritional plans 



  • There’s not much to be said in the way of cons. Max’s WPI HL delivers what it is designed to do and delivers well. If there were anything it would be that it only has 2 flavours to choose from if your sick of the standard chocolate and vanilla.

Overall, Max’s WPI HL formula is hard to flaw due to its uniquely powerful muscle building formula that achieves genuine results. This shake will work for anyone at any level of training who wants recovery and lean muscle mass results quickly. Benefiting from the results of training hard is one thing, but with Max’s WPI HL you can optimise the results of your training sessions and see a huge change in your strength and muscle mass in a small amount of time