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Max's Lab Series Beta Pump Review

Posted on September 9, 2014

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beta-pump.jpgThose who know Max's supplements are no doubt aware that, when it comes to powerful, uniquely-blended and well-balanced formulas, they're among the industry's best. One of the main reasons for this is that the company is so dedicated to forging new paths in the world of sports nutrition and coming up with products that deliver better results than ever before....which led to the making of the Max’s Lab Series Range.

Max's Lab Series Beta Pump is the new kid on the block to provide premium muscle pumps. It's an exclusive pre-workout formula made up of premium ingredients that are designed to deliver an intense yet sustained energy source, the strength and stamina necessary to more reps and a serious injection of mental concentration and prolonged muscle pumps.

Key features of Beta Pump

Two essential complexes make up the winning Max's Lab Series Beta Pump formula. One of these, dubbed 'Max's Energy Focus Matrix' and the other 'Max's Nitric Oxide Matrix'. In combination, the duo aims to enhance brain function, boost endurance, provide energy, and engorge your muscles for superior vasodilation and unmatched muscle pumps. All in all, an unprecedented workout experience.

Ingredients and dosage

Max's Lab Series Beta Pump ingredients are delivered in a proprietary blend to ensure the specific ingredient amounts stay securely in the hands of Max’s, but the potent ingredients themselves include agmatine sulfate which, in league with beetroot extract (which contains betaine nitrates), gives you more stamina and up regulates nitric oxide for more potent pumps; glycine proprionyl l-carnitine, which also assists nitric oxide production and blood flow to working muscles; and a good dose of caffeine and other energy enhancers such as glucoronalactone and the endurance properties of beta alanine to get you through your training session. Note that, to keep water retention to a minimum, there's no creatine included, but you do have the option of stacking Beta Pump another creatine-based supplement.

Dosage is one to two scoops (that's 10-20 grams) mixed with either water or your favourite drink and taken before hitting the gym.

Pros and efficacy

In the short term, Beta Pump should deliver a noticeable energy burst, one that lasts, rather than having a 'crash-and-burn' effect. After longer use, you're likely to find that stamina, strength and endurance increase significantly. But it seems it’s all about the pump because this is one thing you will love, whole body muscle pumps.

Taste and mixability

Two different options make up the Beta Pump flavour palette: one is pineapple orange and the other blue ice. The novelty factor makes them pretty attractive on the tongue, plus mixability is appropriately clean.


Max's Lab Series Beta Pump is an efficacious pre-workout supplement that delivers on its promises. When taken over the course of a few weeks, it should lead to much-improved training sessions, as well as a sizeable boost in general fitness.