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Body Science BSc Body Shaping Protein For Women Review

Posted on February 26, 2014

Body Science BSc Body Shaping Protein For Women ReviewDividerimage

Body Science BSc BODY Shaping Protein for Women is a protein shake that has been designed for women to incorporate into their fitness lifestyle. This product works in three ways: firstly, if your goal is weight loss, these Body for Women can act as a meal replacement. They are low GI, fat free and protein rich. Secondly, for the woman who wants a lean look and maximised muscle definition, it contains protein and specialised nutrients. Thirdly, this shake is perfect as a post work-out recovery drink, with an added energy boost.

BSC--BODY-PROTEIN-POWDER-p.jpgWhy has this product hit the ground running? It's because the main feature is a formula that has been created exclusively for women. Body Science BSc BODY Shaping Protein for Women is for those who love fitness, and require the right nutritional needs to get that toned, healthy look. After an intense workout, it's important to replace the minerals, nutrients and trace elements that the body loses but protein within the 30 minute window post-workout is essential to recovery and lean muscle gains. This supplement refuels and keeps the body lean. Important vitamin and minerals are instantly replaced, and you continue to have extra energy for the rest of the day.

Most women are keen to keep their diets in check with health enhancing options. Body Science BSc BODY Shaping Protein for Women is packed with folate and iron, essential for overall strength. There's also calcium - which keeps your bones and teeth strong. Chia seeds contain extra fibre and good omega fats - brilliant for skin and hair, and L-Carnitine, which moves fatty acids into the muscle cell to be used as fuel.

You want to look lean and ripped? What better way to start than with BSc Body protein shake designed specifically for you. Starting out? Then one 25g scoop with water, juice, soy milk, rice milk or no fat milk in is all you need post-workout to tone-up and recover faster. Need to lose a couple of kilos? You can use Body for Women as a meal replacement or high protein, low carbohydrate healthy snack.

BSc Body for Women protein comes in five great flavours, Banana, Berry, Cafe Latte, Swiss Chocolate and Vanilla.