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NEW BSN NO Xplode Pre-Workout Igniter -VS- BSN NO Xplode 2.0

Posted on July 8, 2014

NEW BSN NO Xplode Pre-Workout Igniter -VS- BSN NO Xplode 2.0Dividerimage

Over the last ten years, BSN has been at the forefront of sports nutrition with its N.O.-XPLODE supplement, which has boosted the performance of athletes and fitness aficionados through increased energy and endurance. Now, with the new N.O.-XPLODE Master Performance Blend, they are pushing the boundaries once again to maximise workout routines and enhance results like never before.

The benefits of NO-XPLODE Pre-Workout Igniter

With its potent fusion of specially engineered ingredients, the NO-XPLODE new formula enables a training regimen with the kind of momentum and stamina that was previously out of reach. The concentrated beta-alanine of the Endura Shot delivers the endurance needed to extend beyond current limitations, while the Thermic Energy blend provides an explosion of energy for a higher grade of intensity. Along with the creatine technology of the Myogenic Matrix, this makes for longer, stronger workouts and powerful outcomes.

The key improvements of the new N.O.-XPLODE formula

N.O.-XPLODE Pre-Workout Igniter is an enriched, enhanced and concentrated version of its predecessor, NO-XPLODE 2.0, giving a more effective boost from a smaller serving size of just 18.5 grams. This highly potent mix includes a blend of DL-Phenylalanine, Huperzine A and Tyrosine, which works to promote the processes between the brain and the muscles, creating effective building blocks for the development of protein, strength and mental focus. The new formula also encompasses an improved creatine complex, which increases the rate of energy production in the muscle cells, facilitating more power, more strength and more muscle growth.

Further advantages of N.O.-XPLODE Pre-Workout Igniter

The new N.O.-XPLODE formula provides 100% or more of the daily required value of Vitamin D and the B Vitamins Niacin, Thiamine HCI, Pyridoxine HCI and B12 as based on a 2000 calorie diet, yet has 3g less of carbohydrate per serve compared with the previous recipe. Additionally, it tastes better than ever before, with five stimulating flavours to choose from, including old favourites Blue Raz and Fruit Punch, plus new varieties in Watermelon, Grape and Green Apple.

Push further with the best N.O.-XPLODE formula

A carefully crafted combination of superior ingredients makes N.O.-XPLODE Pre-Workout Igniter the optimal choice in supplements for the most powerful energy and endurance propellant yet. Its Master Performance Blend actively elicits the features of a workout that makes the impossible not only a possibility, but a reality.