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Max's Shred Value Pack

Posted on June 10, 2014

Max's Shred Value PackDividerimage

Max’s Shred Value Pack has been designed specifically to help Australian’s get in shape for Max’s Muscle Up Challenge 2014. With $10,000, a luxury 5 star holiday and the chance to be featured on Max’s Muscle TV and in Max’s Muscle Magazine at stake, competitors need to make sure that they are ready to face the competition. The challenge is free to enter and contestants are provided with nutritional information and training plans from Max’s coaches to help guide them on their way to a stronger and leaner body. All contestants are required to provide evidence that they have used Max’s supplements throughout the duration of their training.

Achieve optimum results with Max’s Shred Value Pack which contains all of the supplements that you will need to blitz fat and build muscle. This stack contains Max’s Supershred, Max’s Nitetime and Max’s Cre8 Carnage, which when used together are the perfect combination of products to help you get shredded and strong so that you are ready to face the competition at Max’s Muscle Up Challenge. Energy boosting, fat stripping and protein packed, this stack is exploding with everything that you will need to train harder and longer so that you can be the 2014 challenge champion.

Max’s Shred Value Pack contains:

Max’s Supershred – Strip fat with this unique formula of appetite reducing and muscle building Casein and WPI protein combined with fat burners and carb blockers. Watch your fat melt away as this powerful combination speeds up your metabolism and helps remove stubborn fats, leaving your body shredded and lean. Max’s Supershred is also packed full of protein which is essential for muscle recovery after an intense workout.

Max’s Nitetime – It is crucial after an intense workout that you give your body time to recover. Most of our body's muscle repairing occurs whilst we sleep so it is important to use a product that will optimise the effects of this process. Max’s Nitetime contains a huge amount of protein that is released slowly throughout the night to help ensure maximum overnight recovery. In the morning your body will feel refreshed and energised, giving you the power to start training again.

Max’s Cre8 Carnage – Full to the brim with eight different creatines, Cre8 Carnage has been formulated to give to give you strength and power gains. Now you can train harder for longer to optimise your training time and start seeing results sooner.