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Max's Lab Series New Supplement Range

Posted on September 10, 2014

Max's Lab Series New Supplement RangeDividerimage

intraboost.jpgThe sports science experts at Aminoactive Australia have ramped up the power with their innovative Max’s Lab Series, launching two entirely new products designed to assist strength and fitness devotees in eliciting bigger and better outcomes from their workout regimes. Already well regarded for their general sports nutrition supplements, Max’s is now making strong headway into the pre-workout and intra-workout sectors with Beta Pump and Intra Boost, which have been exactingly formulated to deliver comprehensively robust results.

Think bigger and reach higher with Beta Pump

Developed to enhance strength, focus and muscular fortitude, Max's Lab Series Beta Pump is a premium pre-workout hypertrophic compound created from a precise formulation of cutting-edge ingredients. Its nitric oxide matrix works to support the flow of oxygen and blood to the muscles and facilitate the removal of lactic acid, which helps to drive better workouts and faster recovery, while its energy focus complex provides a pivotal boost to mental stamina and all-round vitality. Together, these matrices can assist in elevating workouts to a new level, enabling greater muscle-building power and endurance while aiding the reduction of fat stores.


Stay at the top of the game with Intra Boost

The advanced pro-recovery formula of Max's Lab Series Intra Boost has been designed to combat fatigue and dehydration during and after even the toughest workouts. Its electrolyte complex of calcium phosphate dibasic, magnesium gluconate, sodium chloride and potassium bicarbonate, acts to maintain the body’s essential salt hydration balance, which minimises muscular cramps and exhaustion. Further to this, the energy and recovery matrices work together to stimulate vigour and promote an anabolic state within the body, curtailing the loss of muscle between workouts and producing better, more effective results from every training session.

Push workouts further with Max’s new Lab Series

The rigorous testing of formula efficacy and high standards of quality applied to all of the Australian owned and made products in the Max’s range has made it a trusted favourite with body builders and strength athletes for more than twenty years. Now, with the introduction of Beta Pump and Intra Boost to the Lab Series, fans of Max’s can feel confident in their capacity to push workouts to the limit and achieve their potential in the most productive way possible, with the help of a brand they know and trust.