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Intra-Workouts in the Max's Muscle Up Challenge

Posted on February 24, 2015

Intra-Workouts in the Max's Muscle Up ChallengeDividerimage


Are you muscling up for the Max’s Muscle Up Challenge? Transforming your body from flab to fit and super-ripped is a test, for sure, but if you're up for the challenge and stick with it, you'll achieve incredible results that will quite literally change your life.


It all starts with a proper workout and dietary plan, with a little help from supplements that will boost all your efforts. Do it the right way and in a few short weeks you could start seeing results beginning to emerge as you transform into a lean, mean muscle machine with a whole new level of body confidence.


So if you're going to start training for Max's Muscle-Up Challenge, the very best of luck! Here's some supplement information to help you along the way, so that you get the most out of your workouts and achieve the results you're aiming for as quickly as possible: shedding fat and building solid muscle – and keeping it there.


Max's range of popular supplements includes the intra-workout supplement Max's Intraboost Advance formula. So what exactly is it and what does it do? Well, this supplement contains all you need to power your workouts, during and after. Remember, weight training is a process, one that continues long after you stop lifting. Tearing muscle fibres during workouts is what enables new muscle growth, and that's only done in rest periods. So it's essential that the proper nutrients and supplements are available for muscle tissue so that it grows and – equally importantly – doesn't later break down during catabolism, where muscle is absorbed into the body as fuel because of possible overtraining.


Max's Intraboost Advance contains branched chain amino acids, commonly known as BCAAs, and these help to preserve muscle tissue during strenuous workouts, as well as during periods when you may be dieting to lose body fat so that your muscles are more defined. Some people, for example, may opt for programs such as intermittent fasting – going up to 16 hours without eating, from the time of last night's dinner – and it's recommended that BCAAs be taken during this time to stop any muscle degradation.


We all know that electrolytes are an essential component to keeping the body properly functioning, and that a great deal of them may be lost during heavy workouts, primarily through the excretion of salt and water (sweat). These essential minerals must be quickly replaced so that the body's electrical mechanisms and muscle function doesn't suffer. Max's Intraboost has an Electrolyte Complex that restores the balance and aids post-workout recovery.


Other ingredients in this powerful supplement help with muscle endurance so that you can increasingly add more weight to your workout and get greater muscle gains. As importantly, Intraboost also allows for heightened levels of focus and concentration, vital parts of any workout when trying to reach peak performance.


Getting big is what it's all about, and by taking this cutting-edge supplement, you can train better and get to the new you much faster. Muscle up!