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Famous Athletes Who Use Supplements

Posted on April 10, 2014

Famous Athletes Who Use SupplementsDividerimage

Ever since the Olympic Games started in Ancient Greece, athletes have been well aware of the links between diet and outstanding physical performance. The Ancient Greeks might not have had the technology to extract specific substances from their foods, but, nonetheless, they definitely figured out the efficacy of protein-rich eating habits. Large doses of meat were a staple. What's more, the champion of the running event at the first-recorded Olympic Games (held in 776 B.C.) knew A LOT about food. He was a cook. 

These days, however, food technology has become so advanced that athletes have the benefit of concentrated sports supplementation. They're able to use key ingredients, such as creatine, glutamine and protein, to boost strength, endurance and power, and complex blends that perform a range of tasks, while contributing to overall well-being. Read on to find out all about famous athletes who use sports supplements.

Lewis Jetta

Sydney Swans player Lewis Jetta is known for his skill and agility. His break-out season was just two years ago, in 2012, and saw a victory in the grand final. Jetta uses Aussie Bodies protein products to maximise energy levels, boost his performance and help with muscle recovery. 

Lisa Carrington

Lisa Carrington is one of the world's fastest, toughest kayakers. In 2011, she came first in the k1 200 metre race at the World Championships and went on to do it all again in 2012, when we scored a gold medal in the same event at the 2012 Olympic Games held in London. 

When Carrington's not paddling, she finds plenty of other ways to spend time in, on or near the water - swimming, surfing and surf life saving. In her continual battle to challenge herself, improve her skills and gain strength, she uses 100% Whey Protein from the Balance Ultimate Body Performance range.

Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez is currently the Heavyweight Champion for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He's also one of the most famous fighters on the MMA scene. He's well-known for his all-round athleticism, as well as his ability to deliver a powerful knockout and his wrestling skills. He made his first appearance in MMA when he came up against Brad Morris at UFC 83 and won. Since then, he's gone from strength to strength, and, as far as most commentators can see, it'll be a while before anyone presents any serious competition. Velasquez is a user of the BSN line of products. CELLMASS 2.0 and N.O.-Xplode 2.0 are among his favourites. 

Clayton Kershaw

When Clayton Kershaw became a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2008, he also became the younger player in Major League Baseball. He was just 20 at the time. Since then, he's developed a reputation for his fierce pitching technique and has played as an all-star no fewer than three times. 2011 was a stellar year - Kershaw won both the Triple Crown and the National League Cy Young Award. Before that - in both 2009 and 2010 - his team made it to the National League Championship Series. Kershaw is a passionate advocate of CytoSport's Muscle Milk. It's used by an array of other famous athletes, including basketballers Tyson Chandler and Stephen Curry, footballers Matt Forte and Clay Matthews, and track and field athletes Ryan Hall and Sara Hall. 

Colin Kaepernick

The very first time that Colin Kaepernick participated in a play-off match, he managed to set an NFL record. Never before had a quarterback achieving so many rushing yards in any game - either a play-off or a season match. He then went on to lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl, where they were NFC champions. Kaepernick is a user of the Muscle Pharm range of products, which includes creatine, amino acids, casein and carnitine. Other fans of Muscle Pharm include footballers Eric Decker and Laron Landry. 

Oksana Grishina

Russian-born is an IFBB pro. Over the past four years, she's travelled from one comp to the next, picking up places and wins everywhere she's gone. In 2013 alone, she was 1st in the IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro and 2nd in three other major contests - the Arnold Classic Europe, the Olympia Weekend and the Arnold Classic. She's a determined, hard-working athlete whose known for pushing herself beyond her limits. Her loyalty to SAN Nutrition products, which emphasise premium raw ingredients plays a crucial role.

Ashley Callus

Australian swimmer Ashley Callus made headlines in 2000 when he won a gold medal in the 4 x 100-metre freestyle relay. He was 21 at the time. His early career was marked by coaching with the esteemed Chris Urquhart and understudying the likes of Chris Fydler and Michael Klim. Callus is a supporter of Syn-Tec supplements, which are known for their focus on raw, locally-sourced key ingredients.