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Vital Greens Vital Protein (Pea Protein Isolate)

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Vital Greens Vital Protein (Pea Protein Isolate)

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  • 1kg
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
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Vital Greens Vital Protein (Pea Protein Isolate) Reviews

  • Mell
    State: QLD
    Vital Protein is an awesome product for those increasing muscle whilst trying to maintain or lose excess weight. I highly recommend the Green Been Coffee Flavour.
  • Jaye
    State: WA
    I highly recommend Vital Protein as this is an outstanding vegan friendly protein source that has many nutritional benefits. There's many delicious varieties, I love the Vanilla!
  • scott english
    State: western australia
    Brilliant product i have lost 12kgs and put in 4% muscle since using this and is the perfect recovery shake and when you need a boost. 5 star
  • K
    State: Tas
    I've been using Vital Pea Protein for 6 years now due to a dairy allergy. It is, by far, the best pea protein powder we've tried, & Sporty's really does have the best price on it.

Vital Greens Vital Protein 



  • 82% bioavailable protein
  • Rich in Essential Amino Acids
  • Quality Vegan-Friendly Protein
  • All-Natural



Vital Protein Logo

Vital Greens Vital Protein contains 100% pea protein isolate extracted from Golden peas by a natural process to ensure maximum bioavailability. Vital Greens Vital Protein ensures a high 82% bio-available protein due to a new patented process which breaks down a trypsin (protein-digesting enzyme) inhibitor present in legumes, allowing access to the full amino acid profile.



Vital Greens Vital Protein may assist in promoting lean muscle mass and recovery. It is a low carbohydrate formula and may assist those on weight management programs. Vital Protein by Vital Greens is low allergenic and is a suitable alternative for vegans, vegetarians or those wanting an alternative to whey protein.



How to Take Vital Protein

Mix 2 Heaped Tablespoons (25g) into 200ml milk, milk alternative, water or yoghurt.



vital greens vital protein chocolate and vanilla

Is Vital Protein Good for Weight Loss?

This product may be used for nutritional support during a weight loss program. Most people tend to lose muscle mass when dieting, which increases the risk for rebound weight gain once the weight loss program is finished. This is likely due to the reductions of calories and protein intake on typical diets. Therefore, it can be a good thing to take a protein shake once of twice daily, away from food, to assist with the maintenance of lean muscle mass.



When to Take Vital Protein

Vital Protein may be taken as a mid-morning or afternoon tea snack. It may also be taken before bed, after exercise to support recovery, or with a meal that does not contain enough quality protein.



How Many Calories in Vital Protein?

One serve of Vital Protein Chocolate flavour contains 95 calories, and delivers 20 grams of quality vegan protein. This will need to be counted towards your daily energy intake if you are calorie-counting.


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Vital Greens Vital Protein (Pea Protein Isolate) Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 25g (Vanilla Flavour)

FAT, total
- Saturated
Carbohydrates, total
- Sugars
ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS, total (Naturally Occurring)


INGREDIENTS: 100% Pea Protein Isolate, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Thaumatin, Monk Fruit.


Amino Acid Nutritional Information (Vanilla Flavour)


  Per (25g) Serve Per 100g
Histidine * 0.68g 2.7g
Isoleucine * ^ 1.18g 4.7g
Leucine * ^ 2.18g 8.7g
Lysine * 1.93g 7.7g
Methionine * 0.30g 1.2g
Phenylalanine * 1.40g 5.6g
Threonine * 0.98g 3.9g
Tryptophan * 0.25g 1.0g
Valine * ^ 1.30g 5.2g
Alanine 1.10g 4.4g
Arginine 2.28g 9.1g
Aspartic Acid 3.13g 12.5g
Cysteine 0.28g 1.1g
Glutamic Acid 5.08g 20.3g
Glycine 1.03g 4.1g
Proline 1.10g 4.4g
Serine 1.40g 5.6g
Tyrosine 0.98g 3.9g


* Essential Amino Acid

^ Branched Chain Amino Acid


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