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Musashi L-Glutamine

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Musashi L-Glutamine
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Musashi L-Glutamine


  • High concentrations found in skeletal muscles
  • Improtant for building and maintaining muscle
  • Important amino acid for muscle growth, recovery and repair
  • Assists in the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract
  • Energy source for cells of the immune system and digestive tract
  • May enhance mental functioning



Glutamine is possibly the most important single amino acid for muscle growth, recovery and maintenance, comprising approximately 60% of all muscle tissue. Although classed as a non-essential amino acid, the demands placed on an athletes body can outstrip its ability to produce enough L-Glutamine making Musashi L-Glutamine a convenient supplement for those undertaking strenuous exercise or during periods of extreme stress on the system.


Glutamine may assist in the prevention of muscle wasting which can be associated with prolonged bed rest, stress or injury. Stress and/or injury can cause the release of Glutamine from the muscles into the bloodstream which in turn can lead to loss of skeletal muscle (muscle wasting).


Glutamine is an important energy source for lymphocytes and macrophages cells of the immune system and to cells of the intestinal tract making it an important amino acid in the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract and immune system. A deficiency in Glutamine stores which can occur through loss of muscle mass is likely to lead to poor immune responses.


Glutamine is known as fuel for the brain as it is able to cross the blood brain barrier where it is converted to glutamic acid. It also increases levels of Gamma-aminobutyric-acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter needed to sustain brain function and mental activity.



How to Use Musashi L-Glutamine
Glutamine loading with Creatine Monohydrate:
Take 1 level 5ml metric teaspoon with all doses of Creatine Monohydrate.
Immune System and Antioxidant Function:
Take 1 level 5ml metric teaspoon upon rising and again mid afternoon on an empty stomach.
For Digestive Tract Function:
Take 1 level 5ml metric teaspoon 30 minutes before meals.
1 level 5ml metric teaspoon = 3g (3000mg).


Musashi L-Glutamine may be used to:
Assist muscle growth; assist muscle recovery; assist in the maintenance of muscle mass; prevent muscle wasting; assist in maintaining a healthy digestive tract; enhance immune system function; enhance brain and mental activity; provide antioxidant protection; reduce sugar cravings; reduce the desire for alcohol.


Musashi L-Glutamine is Great for:
Bodybuilders; athletes and sports people; individuals during times of prolonged stress; individuals who need prolonged bed rest; individuals suffering injury (including post-surgery); individuals suffering from intestinal disorders; individuals wishing to enhance mental functiong; individuals who suffer sugar cravings; recovering alcoholics.

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Musashi L-Glutamine Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 3g (1 Level Teaspoon)


INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Glutamine.


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