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Ghost Legend
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Ghost Legend Pre-Workout

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30 Serves
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Ghost Legend Pre-Workout offers a range of training intensifiers, including staggered absorption caffeine, adaptogenic herbal extracts, nitric oxide enhancers and much more. Each serve of Ghost Legend contains 202mg of caffeine, with citrulline malate and agmatine to promote muscle volumisation and vascularity.


Product Features

  • Supports Focus and Mood.
  • Nitric Oxide Enhancer.
  • Boosts Energy Levels.
  • 202mg Caffeine per Serve.
  • Enhance Carnosine Levels.



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Ghost Legend is a synergistic combination of ingredients designed to take your workouts to the next level. It contains a diverse range of ingredients for optimal nutritional support for training, including herbs, amino acids and other specialised nutrients. Each serve is jam-packed with citrulline and agmatine, two amino acids that synergistically support the production of nitric oxide (1).



Ghost Pre-Workout Nutrition

That is, they provide the building blocks and the builders for this powerful gas produced within the smooth muscles of the blood vessels. You might be wondering at this point, “Why do I want to produce more gas inside my blood vessels?” And rightly so! The gas Nitric Oxide is a messenger that tells the smooth muscles of the blood vessels to relax, thus causing dilation—picture a wider hoseand increasing circulation to skeletal muscle tissue. This means that, by the inclusion of Agmatine and Citrulline, we are supporting the delivery of nutrients, such as oxygen and glucose, to muscle tissue and thus supporting the functioning of muscle tissue. So, this little gas can therefore be highly advantageous.



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Ghost Legend contains beta-alanine, the rate-limiting precursor to a di-peptide called Carnosine. This highly specialised protein, composed of histidine and beta-alanine, supports skeletal muscle function in that it buffers lactic acid and exerts an antioxidant effect (2). When we perform aerobic exercise, or high reputations of weights, oxygen delivery to the muscle is unable to keep up with demand.



This causes the accumulation of lactate or lactic acid via the conversion of pyruvate. Carnosine may help to buffer this acid, thereby supporting an increasing muscular performance. In addition, this Ghost Pre-Workout contains a rare pre-workout nutrient called NADH, which few—excepting biochemists —have probably heard of. NADH is an important cofactor for the functioning of the citric acid or kreb’s cycle. This cycle is an important intermediate biochemical stage in energy (ATP) synthesis, and without it we would not survive. It is believed that levels of NADH can be limited, thus limiting energy production within skeletal muscle, and even heart muscle. The inclusion of this nutrient may therefore enhance or stabilise energy synthesis—which is certainly a good thing when you’re going for that P.B.


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At only 5 calories per serve, this pre-workout provides the energy without giving you more calories to burn off in the gym. On top of this, Oleuropein, an extract of olives as the name suggests, is included in Ghost Legend, which may enhance testosterone levels and reduce cortisol. Rhodiola rosea, the Russian adaptogenic herb, is included as it helps us adapt to physical, mental and emotional stressors.



And in this case, when we are training in the gym, we are undergoing a very physical form of stress. Therefore, Oleuropein and Rhodiola will work well together to enhance the bodies adaptive responses to these forms of stress. With the inclusion of caffeine at 202mg per serve, this pre-workout is loaded with nutrients and herbal extracts to provide your mind and body with optimal support for intense training, whilst minimising some of the biochemical side-effects of physical stress. And Ghost sour watermelon pre-workout tastes absolutely amazing!




1. Mori M and Gotoh T. Regulation of Nitric Oxide Production by Arginine Metabolic Enzymes. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2000 Vol 275;3 p.715-9

2. Sale R et al. Effect of beta-alanine supplementation on muscle carnosine concentrations and exercise performance. Amino Acids 2010 Vol 39;2 p.321-33




How to Use Ghost Legend

Add 1 scoop (12g) to 300ml water and consume 20-30 minutes before exercise. To assess caffeine tolerance, please start on 1/2 scoop, and avoid taking in the late afternoon, evening or night.




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Ghost Legend Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 12g (1 Scoop)

Agmatine Sulfate
Caffeine Anhydrous
Alpha-GPC (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline 50%)
Rhodiola rosea Root Extract
DiCaffeine Malate (delivering 37mg caffeine)
Olive Leaf Extract (40% Oleuropein)
NADH (10%)
Rauwolfia Root Extract
OTHER INGREDIENTS: Malic Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Calcium Silicate, Silicon Dioxide, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Tartaric Acid, FD&C Blue #1



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