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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Isolate
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Gold Standard 100% Whey Isolate

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Gold Standard 100% Whey Isolate


  • Ultra Fast Absorption
  • Partially Hydrolysed
  • 100% Whey Protein Isolate!


Optimum Nutrition have an exceptional range of sports nutrition supplements in their range. Their products are taken by a broad range of people, from elite athletes to the weekend workout enthusiast.


Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Isolate is a premium quality whey protein isolate powder (WPI). WPI is known as one of the fastest absorbing proteins. This means, after consuming the protein shake, the amino acids soon find their way to the bodies tissues, including the muscles. This makes it ideal for recovery from exercise. 


The below diagram illustrates exactly what is removed from milk to end up with the final product: whey protein isolate.


gold standard 100% isolate processing flow chart


How Does Whey Protein Support Recovery from Exercise?

Rigorous exercise, like weight lifting, can cause tiny tears in the muscle tissue, commonly known as micro-tears. Intense exercise also creates catabolic conditions in the body. This means, muscle tissue is being broken down.


This muscle damage is important in order for it to want to adapt and change. This is where whey protein comes into the picture, as it provides a rapidly digestible source of essential amino acids, with a high proportion of leucine 1.


Essential amino acids are needed to stimulate protein synthesis and return the body to an anabolic state after exercise 2. A high content of leucine allows for greater stimulation of mTOR in muscle tissue as well. This leads to even greater protein synthesis in the presence of the other essential amino acids 3,4.


Once in an anabolic state, muscle micro-tears can heal much more rapidly. This is essential to optimum adapatation to exercise.



1. Marshall, K. Therapeutic Applications of Whey Protein. Alternative Medicine Review, 2004 Vol 9;2 p.136-156

2. Churchward-Venne et al. Supplementation of a suboptimal protein dose with leucine or essential amino acids: effects of myofibrillar protein synthesis at rest and following resistance exercise in men. The Journal of Physiology. 2012 p.2751-2765

3.Drummond M.J. and Rasmussen B.B. Leucine-Enriched Nutrients and the Regulation of mTOR Signalling and Human Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis. Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care, 2016, Vol11;3 p.222-226

4. Norton L.E., & Layman D.K. Leucine Regulates Translation Initiation of Protein Synthesis in Skeletal Muscle after Exercise. The Journal of Nutrition. 2006 Vol 136 p.533-7



gold standard 100% isolate tubGold Standard 100% Whey Protein Isolate Review

We were already fans of whey protein isolates before trying this product, particularly hydrolysed products. Hydrolysed protein sits lighter in the stomach, and this product proved to be no exception to that rule. It went down smooth and did not leave us feeling bloated or overly full. That's the beauty of a partially hydrolysed product; it's partially pre-digested. This speeds up the processes of digestion and absorption, and makes the product feel lighter in the stomach.


The strawberry flavour is amazing, while the chocolate and vanilla were also really good. We tried the product in cold water, though flavoured protein always tends to taste better in full cream milk. So if you can spare the calories, give it a go, or maybe just as a one-off on a cheat day. The fats and complex proteins found in milk will slow the absorption of the protein found in Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Isolate, so water is always more effective for the rapid absorption effect.


All in all, we were extremely happy with this product. It gave us some much needed post-workout protein and left a nice aftertaste. We rate this product 4.8 out of 5.0.



How to Use ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Isolate

Mix 1 Scoop with 200ml Cold Water and consume. Perfect for use after exercise. Alternatively, take 1/2 hour before exercise to assist anabolism or take between meals to further boost recovery.


man holding optimum nutrition gold standard 100% isolate



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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Isolate Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (31g)(Chocolate Bliss Flavour)

Carbohydrates, Total
Fat, Total
- Cholesterol
Not a significant source of saturated fat, trans fat, dietary fibre, total sugars, added sugars and vitamin D.


INGREDIENTS: Partially Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate, Cocoa (Processed with Alkali), Natural and Artificial Flavour, Lecithin, Salt, Sucralose.

CONTAINS: Milk and Soy.