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Thermogenic Supplements for Burning Fat

About Thermogenic Supplements for Burning Fat

Thermogenics are supplements designed to assist your body in generating more heat. And why  would you want this, especially in summer? Quite simply, more body heat is an indication of more metabolic activity. This means more calories are being expended making it easier to get yourself into the negative energy balance required for fat loss. After all, fat loss is all about calories in and calories out. If we consume less calories than we expend, then we lose weight. Just make sure it is fat that is being lost, as we want to preserve muscle mass in order to reduce the risk of rebound weight gain once the weight loss program is stopped. Additionally, a healthy amount of muscle mass is a good indication of general protein nutrition. And this is an important indicator of general health.


Some of the most popular and potent thermogenic supplements are capsaicin—extracted from chilli—eria jarensis, caffeine, chlorogenic acids and EGCG. A research paper published in June 2017 by The International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition demonstrated that chilli consumption over a 12 week period led to an acceleration of weight loss. It was concluded that chilli—and the capsaicin contained within—attenuated insulin resistance, and boosted energy expenditure and thermogenesis. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a research paper in 1999 showing that Green Tea boosted thermogenesis above and beyond what was expected from its caffeine content. It was believed that this was—at least in part—due to its content of catechins, particularly epigallocatechin-3-0-gallate (EGCG). In addition, Green tea is an excellent herbal medicine when taken to support general health, helping to enhance antioxidant status and function as an anti-viral.


There are many other thermogenic aids that can be taken to enhance the effects of fat loss programs. Chlorogenic acids from green coffee have been demonstrated in clinical trials to assist, as can the powerful herbal stimulant eria jarensis, the latter of which should only be used in moderation and for short periods of time, starting at a low dosage in order to assess tolerance. Caffeine, is of course a strong metabolic aid, helping to boost thermogenesis and calorie expenditure. This was reported all the way back in May 1980 by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition where coffee, decaffeinated coffee and pure caffeine were trialed for weight loss.


Of course, exercise is a fantastic way to support the body and its ability to change our body composition for the better. Exercising for weight loss is a really helpful tool, particularly for those people that could say they feel sluggish of focus and mood, as often this relates back to our metabolism and level of nervous system activation.


There are many thermogenic products designed to make the job of shedding some unwanted kilos. Check out our range now!