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Mass Gainer Protein Powders

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BSc Nitrovol Lean Muscle Protein
5 (0 reviews)  
$69.95 - $119.95
$89.95 - $169.95
22% - 29% OFF
Maxs Absolute Mass
0 (0 reviews)  
$69.95 - $94.95
$82.95 - $129.95
16% - 27% OFF
Prana Natural Mass
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$59.95 - $154.95
$79.00 - $169.95
24% - 9% OFF
International Protein Extreme Mass
51 (0 reviews)  
$54.99 - $119.95
Gold Standard Gainer
2 (0 reviews)  
Horleys Mass Gainer
47 (3 reviews)  
$69.95 - $89.95
Musashi Bulk Protein Mass Gainer
67 (0 reviews)  
43% OFF
Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer
26 (0 reviews)  
19% OFF
BSN True Mass 1200
0 (0 reviews)  
Maxs Clean Mass
0 (0 reviews)  
$79.95 - $119.95
$94.95 - $149.95
16% - 20% OFF
Cytosport CytoGainer
48 (2 reviews)  
Maxs SuperSize ULTRA
66 (0 reviews)  
$79.95 - $84.95
$89.95 - $125.00
11% - 32% OFF
Musashi Bulk Extreme
15 (0 reviews)  
35% OFF

About Mass Gainer Protein Powders

Mass Gainer Protein Powders are blends of protein, carbohydrates, fats and sometimes even fibre. These formulations assist with your energy needs for weight gain, whether this be muscle gain on a weight training program, or recuperation after a period of unexpected weight loss. They may even be used for body weight maintenance during times of great physical demand, such as physically demanding work. Sometimes, getting enough calories can be tricky, especially when you have limited time to prepare meals, which makes slamming down a mass gainer shake all the tastier.

Mass Gainer Protein Powders are a fantastic way to accelerate growth for a slim build or frame, or for anyone wanting to bulk-up in the gym. These formulations provide protein to support muscle repair and recovery, though also offer plenty of carbohydrates for glycogen replenishment after exercise. A higher calorie intake tends to be associated with greater strength and desire to train in the gym. This is perhaps due to the fact that we tend to be in a better mood and have more stored energy within the body.


If we have greater strength in the gym and to do more repetitions after slamming down a few mass gainer protein shakes, we can then set ourselves up for a higher rate of muscle growth. In fact, research is pointing towards the possibility of a specific muscle cell signal that can only be flicked on when an abundance of calories are available. This signal stimulates muscle growth, making muscular adaptation to exercise that much more efficient. Ideally, the mass gainers would be used on top of a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of high quality protein food. However, with calorie contents of up to 1,250 with 50 grams of protein per serve, these high-calorie powdcers contribute a great deal to meeting our macronutrient needs.

There’s nothing worse than facing a training session when all you really want to do it take a nap. And a low calorie intake isn't always the cause. But if food intake has dropped too low over the past day or two, then this can certainly present as fatigue and lack of motivation to train. And if you do force yourself to train anyway, the weights can feel a lot HEAVIER! than normal. This sucks when training large muscle groups, like the back or quads/hams, as they’re more energy demanding.


Have no fear! With a mass gainer protein powder up your sleeve, you’re ready for action. If stopping for lunch is not a possibility, ensuring that your energy and protein intake is maintained at a reasonable level is crucial for mass gains. Then you can train and gain as much as you want. Crush the deadlifts, destroy the squats, and bench so hard that people just turn and stare as they try to comprehend your raw strength.