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Potassium Supplements

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About Potassium Supplements

Potassium is a mineral essential to our survival, just as so many vitamins, minerals and macronutrients are. It is termed one of the key electrolytes, and plays a crucial role in regulating fluid movement within the body. Most people in developed nations tend to consume two very important minerals completely out of balance, which increases the rish of many chronic diseases, including heart disease. These are sodium and potassium. It has been suggested that a 1:1 of potassium to sodium, or even higher (more potassium than sodium, that is) would be ideal to reduce the risk for several largely preventable chronic diseases. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported on this in 2012, as have many prestigious journals over many decades. 


Some of the signs and symptoms that potassium intake is too low are lethargy, physical weakness and sluggish bowels. However, these can of course be caused by all manner of things. The most important thing you can do is start tracking your sodium and potassium intake. See how hard it is to consume more potassium than sodium. It can be quite a challenge. You might find that processed and packaged food intake starts to decrease, and fresh produce increases, in order to achieve this. After all, what was one of the first food preservation methods used? Food salting.