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Shaker Pro

Shaker Pro
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When it comes to making great shakes, two qualities are of supreme importance: taste and nutritional goodness. Choosing a high-quality protein powder is the first step. After that, success depends on an effective blending process. 

That's where Shaker Pro products come in. They're based on a specially designed system made for the creation of shakes that are of optimum efficacy and exceptionally pleasing to the palate. It enables the user to carry powder and liquid in one convenient shake container, ready to be mixed at a convenient time and place, and is an easy-to-use tool for sports enthusiasts who don't want their hectic lifestyle to stand in the way of nutrition and exercise.

How does it work?

Five components make up the Shaker Pro: the cap, the mouthpiece, the central adaptor ring, the reservoir and the shaker cup. They all play an important role in the creation of a perfect shake. Powder is stored in the upper chamber, and liquid in the reservoir. When it's time to make a beverage, all you have to do is release the powder into the liquid and then shake.

That means there's no messy transportation of separate containers, or awkward measuring and mixing of ingredients when you're rushing from one place to another. You can carry Shaker Pro with you anywhere and use it when you're ready - at work or on your way to the gym. Plus, it's not difficult to clean, being suitable for either a dishwasher or hand washing.

Fresh, pure, sealed

Any concerns about spillage and/or contamination are unnecessary. Shaker Pro is 100% sealed. You can put it safely in your bag, or car, without fearing that the stored ingredients are going to make an enormous mess or lose their purity - there's no way for dust or dirt to make its way in. 

A smooth, creamy consistency

The system utilised in Shaker Pro products is so special that it's patented. A great deal of research, thought and experimentation were spent in coming up with, and finalising, the design. The unique construction technique - based on chambers - ensures that the blending of ingredients is a smooth operation, leading to a shake that's consistently thick, creamy and free of lumpiness. When the powder falls into the reservoir, it passes through a round, narrow opening, which functions similarly to a sieve, meaning that potential clumps are removed.

Shaker Pro is definitely a worthwhile purchase for anyone needing convenient access to consistent, nutritious, tasty shakes.