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John ONeills

John ONeills
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John O'Neills COQ10 150mg
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In the sports nutrition world, John O'Neill is most famous for the introduction of Coenzyme Q10 to the market. In fact, he believes that it's the 'Greatest Discovery in the World'. Given John O'Neill's extensive success as one of the finest athletes in the history of Australian sport, his knowledge and experience are definitely worth serious consideration.



Who is John O'Neill?

Born in Australia, John O'Neill is an athletic champion and breaker of world records. In the 1960s, he was one of the nation's highest achieving sportspeople - on the track, in the field and in the gym. His record-breaking capacity was not limited to one area, extending to endurance, athletics and weight lifting. Even into his late sixties, he was able to run faster than people half his age. 


With all of that experience behind him,  John O'Neill set up Advanced Life Products, a nutrition company that delivers potent and effective sports supplements. The focus is on pure, raw ingredients and manufacturing processes that involve meticulous attention to detail. Advanced Life Coenzyme Q10 is the most well-known of John O'Neill supplements, but the Barley Leaf and Spirulina Kelp extract is also worth more than just a passing glance. 



Manufacturing Processes

An advanced manufacturing process is utilised in the creation of John O'Neill's products. The company uses only raw ingredients of outstanding quality. The production of Q10 occurs in twelve distinct stages. A number of various yeast cultures are placed in immense containers, filled with saltwater and algae. During fermentation, solar power intensifies the negative hydrogen electrons that comprise the CoQ10 structure, thereby maximising its energy production capacity.


Coenzyme Q10 (shortened to CoQ10) actually exists in all of the cells that make up the human body. Functioning in a similar way to a vitamin, it is crucial to the ability of the mitochondria in our cells to generate energy. This energy is both exceptionally efficient and non-toxic. Basically, if Coenzyme Q10 was not present in our cells, there would be no life.


As a supplement, John O Neill's Advanced Life Coenzyme Q10 offers an almost endless list of benefits. Nearly every one of our physiological systems can experience a positive impact. Coenzyme Q10 can play a role in normalising in blood pressure, assisting the efficient function of the kidneys, promoting immune function, improving the metabolism (which is especially important for athletic performance), helping the musculoskeletal system and assisting the smooth functioning of the nervous system.