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Herbs Of Gold

Herbs Of Gold
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Herbs of Gold Products - On Sale Now

Herbs of Gold was established in 1989 - thirty years ago! - by medical herbalist Kate Fraser. Twelve years later, the company was bought by Vita Life Sciences Ltd., an Australian company that provides pharmaceutical and health care products and services through two major brands: Vita Medical and Vita Health. 


Herbs of Gold is committed to producing high-quality herbal and nutritional supplements and to forging new paths in scientific integrity and innovation. The backing of Vita Life enables access to world class research, development and manufacturing facilities. 



Reliability and Trustworthiness


Herbs of Gold's dedication to excellent standards means that the company has earned a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Premium ingredients are a priority, with herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients sourced from only the best possible origins. Plus, their determination to innovate means that their formulations and manufacturing standards are constantly assessed for possible enhancements. 



High Manufacturing Standards


Herbs of Gold adheres to stringent standards when it comes to manufacturing. Safety, efficacy and quality are all taken into consideration. The company follows the guidelines established by the Australian government, and have added to these their own set of standards of excellence, providing double the assurance for consumers. 



A Holistic Approach 


Significantly, Herbs of Gold is committed to a holistic approach to health. For the human body to perform to the highest possible standard, every component should be looked after with care and attention to detail. 


As a result, Herbs of Gold vitamins and Herbs of Gold products draw deeply from the theory and practice of herbal medicine, which originated in China in 2,000BC. It's actually the oldest manifestation of medicine in the history of humankind. Herbs of Gold has explored an array of herbal medicine systems, drawing, not only on Chinese practices, but on European and Ayurvedic (Indian) ones, too. This means that the Herbs of Gold product range features the very best that each culture has to offer.


There is an array of Herbs of Gold supplements that can help the healthy minded or sports enthusiasts to achieve total, balanced nutrition. These include complexes, which contain a combination of vitamins and minerals blended to promote a particular biological effect, such as Herbs of Gold Clear Skin and Herbs of Gold Grape Seed Gold, and single-ingredient products, including Herbs of Gold Bio Curcumin and bromelain forte (to assist with swelling and injury recovery) and cranberry 60,000.


For the very best in quality, efficacy and integrity, look no further than a Herbs of Gold Product.