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Started in 1998, Cytosport is a tightly-run business, driven by a committed family team. Father and son, Greg and Michael Pickett, demonstrated their sports nutrition finesse from the outset, when their very first product, Cytomax, became a huge success almost overnight. Since then, Cytosport has gone from strength to strength, in terms of both its products and its reputation.



Industry Praise for Cytosport Supplements


Inspired by the priorities of innovation, high-quality and great taste, Cytosport supplements cater to a diverse array of sports nutrition needs. They have received constant praise from all corners of the industry. 



In 2005, their Muscle Milk Ready-to-Drink was voted as New Product of the Year in 2009, the Beverage Marketing Corporation named Cytosport Beverage Company of the Year; and in 2010, they partnered up with the Chicago Cubs, to provide the players with all their protein needs. 



Cytosport's dedication to safety was demonstrated in 2007, when they received NSF certification - evidence of the company's commitment to creating supplements that are 100% free of banned substances. They also have a passionate interest in contributing to the community, particularly through the Muscle Milk Recovery Grant, introduced in 2012 to support disadvantaged student athletes through the provision of new uniforms, better equipment and improved facilities.



All of these achievements were influential in Goldman Sachs's identification of Greg Pickett as one of the top 100 Entrepreneurs in the United States in 2013. 



More About Muscle Milk


In 1999, Cytosport chased up Cytomax with their first ever protein powder products - Complete Whey and Cytogainer - with the addition of Muscle Milk the following year. 



As one of the most famous of Cytosport supplements, Muscle Milk is popular for its appealing taste, as well as its overwhelming effectiveness. It comes in a range of formats, including Muscle Milk, Muscle Milk Gainer and Monster Milk. The standard Muscle Milk is driven by a lean muscle formula, which encourages the mobilisation and burning of fats, as well as a carefully balanced combination of amino acids, peptides and proteins. The objectives are to stimulate muscle growth, assist muscular synthesis, and promote muscle repair. Muscle Milk Gainer and Monster Milk contain even bigger doses of protein, designed to optimise muscle mass and strength.



Key Ingredients


Beyond Muscle Milk, Cytosport sells a range of high-quality products, many of which are driven by key active ingredients, such Complete Casein, Complete Whey, Cytosport Creatine and Cytosport L-Glutamine.