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BNRG Proto Whey
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Successful body builder Kevin Lawrence formed the BioNutritional Research Group, or BNRG, in 1991. Twenty years before, he had witnessed protein substrates play a crucial role in helping to cure his son from cancer. So he researched and developed a way to add them to bioengineered foods.



Within five years, the company had broken new ground by devising and testing the first commercially available Proto Whey protein. BNRG was quickly recognised as an industry leader in the area of whey protein hydrolysate research. It is a reputation maintained to this day.



Rather than coming up with a plethora of endlessly changing products, BNRG focuses on doing a small number of things exceptionally well. Their supplements are comprised of ingredients of the highest possible quality. They tend to be slightly more expensive than some of their competitors but many an elite athlete would argue the investment is worth every cent.



BNRG Proto Whey Protein



Proto Whey Protein contains 100% pure high-DH hydrolysed whey protein. Protein molecules, commonly known as peptides, are too big for the body to absorb, so BNRG has reduced them to between 1% and 4% the size of regular dietary peptides. This means they can enter the bloodstream quickly and easily, providing strength and support to your muscles, organs, brain and immune system. In fact, Proto Whey is, on average, absorbed two to three times more quickly than other commercial protein supplements. Its success depends on cutting-edge protein technology.




Proto Whey is comprised of at least 55% di- and tri-peptides, and is low in fat, carbohydrates and calories. It also contains SoftPsil fibre, which is a proprietary psyllium fibre that promotes efficiency of absorption and colonic health.




Five different, tasty flavours are available: vanilla creme, strawberry creme, banana, cafe mocha and double chocolate. Bottles come in 2 pound and five pound sizes. Proto Whey mixes easily (at a ratio of 2 scoops (32 grams) to every 200 ml of fluid) with water, ice, milk, tea, coffee and/or juice. Blending is unnecessary, which makes it very convenient.




BNRG Pept-1 Ultraburn



In yet another industry first for BNRG, Pept-1 Ultraburn is a powerful lipoburn, energy protein powder, which performs three important tasks:


- maximising focus, achieved through sophisticated protein technology. Your brain receives a burst of amino acids which enhance the neurotransmitters' ability to facilitate intense muscle use.


- increasing energy, through a unique blend of nutrients (including schizandra extract, glucuronolactone and taurine) that avoid the 'crash' effect often associated with caffeine.


- fat loss, through protein nutrition, which encourages the development of lean muscle, and the inclusion of an advanced psyllium complex carbohydrates. BNRG products are of the highest quality you can buy. Our children, families, friends use BNRG products every day - we're worth it so are you!