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ALR Industries (ALRI)

ALR Industries (ALRI)
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Have you heard the buzzword? 


ALRI is the word, and ALR supplements are the top nutritional products for you. 



What are ALR supplements, you may ask? 



Well, it’s best to hear it from the person himself who founded ALR Industries. Author L Rea has lived his entire life by a saying that “Whining is not an option for those who refuse to accept mediocrity.” After a lifetime spent on bodybuilding, author Rea was determined to apply his knowledge into a new purpose. And ALR Industries was born. 



Not only is author L Rea a bodybuilder, he is a scientist behind the development of all the ALR nutritional supplements. As such, the unique selling proposition can be found in the very basics of the products. The basic fact that ALR Industries can provide those who refuse to accept mediocrity, the will and products to achieve their full potential. 



After more than three decades, author L Rea has combined biological research and development and accomplished the most effective and inventive supplements for bodybuilding, health and fitness ever created. 



Sharing his passion for never accepting mediocrity, author L Rea’s products have: 


• Powerful anti-catabolic properties

• Enhance focus, energy, mood and stamina

• Boost oxygen uptake and nutrient consumption

• Provide encouraging endogenous hormone inflection, comprising testosterone

• Have anti-fatigue, anti stress and antioxidant properties



But there’s more! ALR Industries are different and better than the others simply by being just that – they deliver bodybuilding supplements Australia wide, and their products can present an increase in VO2max and oxygen capacity. In turn, you will achieve more actual free creatine into your blood stream. 



So, why settle for average? For instance, ALRI Chain’d Reaction has an innovative generation of a super-overload of glycogen and enactment, being physically transformed and pre-digested for instant use and a protracted performance. 



Would you believe, the ALRI Humapro is pushing the envelope in product formulation for those who want real results, and not hype? Results that are going to change an industry. 



Why, you ask? Because there is an inherent flaw in most other proteins available on the market, and that flaw is these proteins were not made for humans! So, that gut bloat you are experiencing may be due simply because you are drinking cow proteins instead of human proteins. 



And this is where HumaPro comes into the picture as one of a kind protein matrix that ALRI began working on since 1998. 



ALR Industries gives the above promises to you, so why settle for average?