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Max's NAGG Review

Posted on February 17, 2014

Max's NAGG ReviewDividerimage

Max’s has released a wide range of new supplements over the past two years in very quick succession. Max’s NAGG is one of the newest supplements in their ever expanding range.

Benefits of Glutamine supplements

Max’s NAGG is a pure glutamine supplement. The most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle is Glutamine. Glutamine is important for those who are serious about their training, it prevents muscle tissue breakdown and stimulates muscle synthesis (anabolism) after intense workouts. Glutamine supplements are even more important because Glutamine levels fall as muscles are worked hard.

As well as being an excellent fuel source for muscles, Glutamine is also an important fuel for the brain, digestive system and immune system. Remaining focused and alert doing workouts is vital pre-condition for great performances. Glutamine will help you retain the mental edge. Hard training can suppress the immune system, Glutamine can mitigate this effect helping you remain fit and healthy.

Max’s NAGG two ingredients

Maxs-NAGG-p.jpgMax’s NAGG contains only two ingredients, it is a blend of pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine and N-Acetyl Glutamine in an ideal ratio of 65:35. L-Glutamine is an effective form of Glutamine but it is quickly broken down on consumption, meaning not all of the Glutamine you consume is effectively used. By combining the fast acting L-Glutamine with the much more stable N-Acetyl Glutamine Max’s NAGG is more effective than pure L-Glutamine. The combination delivers a fast and sustained release of glutamine to deliver superior results. 

Recommended usage and cost

Max’s NAGG is available in a 500g container which provides 263 servings. The recommended usage is 1.9g 30 to 45 minutes before and/or immediately after a workout. This is less than most Glutamine supplements that recommend 5g per serve (One level scoop is equal to 5g). Max’s NAGG is a very well priced supplement, a five gram serving costs just under $0.55.

Taste and mix ability

Like with many of its other supplements, Max’s Supplements has decided to maximise the potency of its the supplement: Max’s NAGG contains absolutely zero fillers, sweeteners or flavours. The lack of flavour can be easily avoided by adding Max’s NAGG to a protein shake, water or other drink. Max’s NAGG supplement mixes well in solution so would be fine in any beverage chosen.

Supplement effectiveness

In conjunction with a healthy nutritious diet and suitable exercise program, Max’s NAGG is very effective at consolidating existing muscle mass and allowing new muscle to develop. Before workouts Max’s NAGG provides an excellent energy source to allow you to challenge the limits of your performance and boost levels of strength. After workouts the Glutamine complex encourages faster muscle recovery, reduced muscle soreness and maximum anabolic growth.

Max’s NAGG is effective at minimising immune system suppression brought about by rigorous training. Your mental resolve when doing intense work outs can be boosted by Max’s NAGG.


Max’s NAGG is designed for the serious trainer and it serves this group very well. The product is completely pure containing no filler, sweetener or flavouring. The 65:35 L-Glutamine and N-Acetyl Glutamine blend delivers excellent training results by boosting the Glutamine levels in muscles. 

In addition to these training benefits, Max’s NAGG can help prevent immune system suppression and keep you alert and focused during and after your workout. Taking all this into account Max’s NAGG is not only great for Bodybuilders or weight trainers but also for rowers, runners, cyclists, swimmers and anyone looking to increase and maintain lean muscle gains.