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Max's Cell Repair Review

Posted on February 17, 2014

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Max's Cell Repair is a specialised protein powder to ensure maximum muscle recovery enabling you to build more lean muscle mass. Cell Repair ulitlises rapidly absorbing whey proteins that have been partially hydrolysed for better absorption along with BCAA's and the anti-catabolic nutrient Glutamine. Combined with a waxy maize starch, to spike insulin levels to increase anabolism as well as the rapid delivery of muscle-building nutrients to the muscle tissue, Max's Cell Repair provides all you need to recover faster and grow bigger.

Cell Repair will also support your immune system which is important when undertaking strenuous exercise. Not only will Max's Cell Repair maximise your muscle building potential, but it will assist you to maintain good health to keep you training harder. 

Used For

Max's Cell Repair is a very high quality product designed by Max's Supplements to maximise recovery post-workout, thus providing an anabolic environment to help you pack on loads of lean muscle. Without the correct post-workout nutrition the muscles would take on a catabolic state and all you efforts in the gym would be wasted.

Maxs-Cell-Repair.jpgIdeal for maximising recovery following a workout and facilitating muscle growth. 

Beneficial for athletes and body-builders who want to achieve optimum results from their workout.

Improves strength and lean mass gains.

A good general health product with a great mixture of vitamins and minerals alongside a high protein content. 

 Main ingredients

Hydrolysed protein - Cell Repair delivers the rapidly absorbing hyrolysed whey protein isolate with the medium absorbing whey protein concentrate to provide a rapid source or amino acids to the bloodstream.

BCAA's - Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine which are required to maximise protein synthesis, recovery and thus muscle growth.

Glutamine is an important amino acid added to cell repair to aid recovery and prevent muscle tissue catabolism. 

Waxy Maize is a high GI carb to increase insulin levels which promoting swift delivery of nutrients to the muscle tissue. In turn this optimises conditions in the body for muscle growth, ensuring an anabolic environment for new muscle growth.

Cortisol regulating agents have also been incorporated into Cell Repair to prevent catabolism. Cortisol is produced when we're stressed and can be very damaging to the body with catabolic effects that break down muscle tissue. The regulating agents in Max's Cell Repair help keep cortisol levels in check, ensuring none of your hard work in the gym is lost.

Taste and Mixbility

Max's Cell Repair is available in two great flavours - banana and chocolate. Cell Repair mixes fairly easily in water and tastes great. It may give a slightly grainy texture due to the waxy maize carbs but overall tastes great.


Max's Cell Repair works on the scientifically supported principle that to effectively build muscle it's essential to consume high quality protein in the 30-60 minute anabolic window following exercise. With its proven recovery nutrients and insulinn spiking carbs you would be hard pressed to find a recovery product that would beat Max's Cell Repair. The antioxidant content helps reduce free radical damage which naturally occurs following intense physical activity.

For best results consume at least 2 servings a per day, with one of these immediately following your workout.

Users of Max's Cell Repair have reported increased gains in muscle mass after only several weeks of regular use. By working rapidly to assist anabolic recovery following exercise the product ensures the muscles receive a steady stream of muscle-building amino acids and supporting nutrients, at the precise time needed for muscle repair and thus growth.