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Giant Sports Giant Pump Review

Posted on September 24, 2014

Giant Sports Giant Pump ReviewDividerimage

giant-pump.jpgGiant Sports Giant Pump is a potent pre-workout formula that's made for anyone looking to burn fat, deliver more nutrients to their muscles, gain energy and, all in all, maximise the benefits of their training regime. Its complex yet balanced combination of key ingredients work together to achieve, not only better workouts, but also improved overall well-being.

Key features

Regular consumption of Giant Pump can be expected to deliver eleven key benefits. These are boosting metabolism and fat burning, increasing blood flow, stabilising blood sugar, improving focus, supporting thermogenesis, decreasing lactic acid, elevating mood, promoting protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth, assisting hormone production and preventing muscle breakdown.

Ingredients and dosage

Giant Pump contains a number of powerful, efficacious ingredients. Micronised Agmatine performs an array of important tasks, including vasodilation, supporting immune function and burning fat. Glutamine Nitrate helps with hormones, muscle growth and digestion. Sodium Glycerophosphate increase energy and pumps. L-Norvaline causes a 55% increase in Nitric Oxide in vitro. Other key players include Vinifera aqueous, Evodia rutaecarpine and Vitamin C.

It is recommended that athletes take one scoop of Giant Sports Giant Pump between thirty minutes and one hour before exercise. For those using the formula to assist with post-workout recovery, another scoop should be taken straight after exercising for best results.

Pros and efficacy

Giant Sports Giant Pump can deliver two levels of efficacy: one that's felt immediately and another that becomes obvious after several weeks of use. Within just one or two workouts, consumers are likely to experience some important advantages, including increased energy, more focus and improved endurance. After a while, they should then notice that they're burning more fat than before, building more lean muscle mass and enjoying the benefits of greater strength. Needless to say, a commitment to regular, effective exercise is crucial.

Taste and mixability

Giant Pump is available in three appealing flavours: red raspberry, pineapple and mango. Rather than getting too complicated, Giant Sports has focused on getting some natural things right and it's paid off. They're all great thirst quenchers and the formula mixes smoothly and easily.


As an all-round pre-workout formula that can also help with post-workout recovery, Giant Sports Giant Pump definitely impresses. The brand is well-known for going above and beyond when it comes to sports nutrition innovation and they've once again proven their success with this one. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get more out of every training session.