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Body Science BSc NitroBulk Review

Posted on February 27, 2014

Body Science BSc NitroBulk ReviewDividerimage

Body Science BSc Nitrobulk is a mass-gaining formula combining a scientific ratio proteins, carbohydrates and the anti catabolic nutrient glutamine to increase anabolism (muscle growth).

BSc-NitroBulk-p.jpgWhats in BSc NitroBulk?

NitroBulk contains a whey protein blend consisting of Whey Protein Concentrate, a fast-medium absorbing protein to stimulate protein synthesis and thus muscle growth. The addition of Micellar Casein, a slow absorbing protein allows a steady, sustained flow of amino acids for hours after ingestion to maintain an anabolic environment. 

NitroBulk contains carbohydrates to ensure your fuelled for your workout and when taken post-workout is important to replenish glycogen stores and in creating an insulin spike to assist a more rapid transport of muscle-building nutrients to the muscle.

Glutamine is often referred to as the anti-catabolic nutrient. It helps keep you in a positive nitrogen balance essential to building muscle and plays a major role in muscle tissue recovery. 

Body Science BSc Nitrobulk delivers 23g of high quality protein per serve, and is low in fat ensuring your hard earn gains are muscle and not fat. NitroBulk stacks up against its competitors as a great mass gaining formula.

NitroBulk Tast & Mixability

Not only does Body Science NitroBulk fit the bill as a great muscle mass gainer but it tastes great too. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla NitroBulk mixes easily in water and is easy to drink post-workout. It sometimes may have a slightly grainy texture which could be due to the slow absorbing protein.


BSc NitroBulk ticks all the boxes as a quality mass gainer. It is best used three times daily the most important being within 30 minutes post-workout to ensure you replenish your muscles with all the ingredients necessary for muscle growth.