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Body Science BSc K-OS EFX Review

Posted on March 17, 2014

Body Science BSc K-OS EFX ReviewDividerimage

Body Science BSc is a forward-thinking, strategic sports nutrition brand that delivers ground-breaking products. The company is committed to exhaustive scientific research, innovative approaches to food technology and ethical manufacturing processes. Being entirely Australian-owned and operated, Body Science BSc is often the top choice of Australian consumers.

Body Science BSc K-OS EFX, which is taken prior to a workout, is designed to help all sportspeople - be they athletes or weekend warriors - to get the most of their training sessions.

BSC-K-OS-p.jpgKey features

Body Science BSc K-OS EFX is a comprehensive pre-workout supplement. Its complex combination of premium active ingredients aims at four major goals - energy, endurance, strength and recovery. These four attributes combine to maximise workout performance, increasing training capacity. It provides both immediate, and short-term benefits and long-term outcomes. 

Ingredients and dosage

The recommended dosage for K-OS EFX is 10g, which should be mixed with 300ml of water and taken 20 minutes prior to working out. Just one serving should be consumed per day.

BSc K-OS delivers a low carbohydrate (1.2g) potent pre-workout with a mix of sophisticated active ingredients including creatine monohydrate, glycine, beta alanine, arginine, tyrosine, carnitine tartrate, taurine, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3.

Pros and efficacy

The initial benefits can be felt almost immediately. Body Science K-OS delivers a intense boost of energy and you will definitely feel the beta-alanine tingle. You should also feel a good muscle pump with K-OS EFX. Overall BSc K-OS offers all the ingredients for a good, intense workout aiding muscle endurance and strength which ultimately means more lean mass gains.

Taste and mixability

BSc K-OS is available in 4 awesome flavours including cola, pineapple sorbet, watermelon and creaming soda. These flavours offer a change from the usual boring flavours making the pre-workout experience more pleasurable. K-OS mixes easily in water and has no dreaded clumpiness.


It's difficult to find a flaw with Body Science BSc K-OS EFX. It offers what is says and works well.


Like most Body Science BSc products, K-OS EFX is made of premium ingredients, and delivers pre-workout supplement that we would definitely recommend.