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ABOUT TIME AUX Auxiliary Energy Review

Posted on April 14, 2014

ABOUT TIME AUX Auxiliary Energy ReviewDividerimage

About Time Aux Auxiliary Energy is a pre-workout drink designed to improve and increase performance and aid recovery. This product is sugar-free and contains only natural ingredients. The pre-workout formula is available in two flavours, watermelon and passion fruit, and can be purchased in 207g tubs. The product is designed by the health conscious for the health conscious, but how effective is About Time Aux Energy pre-workout formula? In order to help you make your choice we have had a look at this product in depth, and here are our results.

ABOUTTIME-AUX-P.jpgFirstly it is important to look at the ingredients and their benefits. About Time AUX contains no fat, no sugars and features many ingredients designed for performance. Beta Alanine has been dubbed 'the new creatine' for its ability to help you build muscle and increase your energy levels. Glyco carn, l-histidine and red beet powder are all great for increasing circulation whilst l-citrulline helps to combat fatigue. These are are great especially post work out, to help with breaking down proteins, aiding the build up of lean muscle and providing an antioxidant effect. Guarana, yerba mate powder and green tea extract all provide a stimulating effect, helping you to focus and perform during your workout.

Beta alanine is known to promote muscular endurance, for a pre-workout drink this is key. It offers a great boost to your energy reserves, it buffers hydrogen ions, to delay lactic acid build-up and muscle fatigue. Glyco carn is a nitric oxide booster. This ingredient helps promote healthy blood flow and distribute oxygen around the body, great for cardiovascular health. Agmatine sulphate provides structural and metabolic support for the nervous system, as well as inducing natural hormone production, increasing focus and the feel good factor experienced during your workout. Creatine sulphate is the perfect ingredient, repairing damaged muscle tissue, promoting energy. It is clear that the ingredients AUX are designed to have great results.

The ingredients of this natural pre-workout are impressive; all are natural and used with success to improve mental focus. The use of stevia instead of sugar alcohols means that the drink has a sweet taste without the risk of a dip in glucose levels or an insulin surge, providing more stable workout conditions. About Time Aux energy formula has no calories, instead using ingredients such as guarana which are naturally high in caffeine to provide the buzz you need to complete your workout.

The taste of the product is good compared to other energy drink formulas on the market. In order to mix the drink correctly you need to mix one scoop of formula with 8oz of water and stir well. Generally AUX mixes well, however, on occasion sediment can rest at the bottom of the glass. It is recommended not to exceed one serving per day as the amount of caffeine is significant at 176mg per serving.

To conclude, AUX Auxiliary Energy has many benefits, from its natural composition, its effectiveness, lack of calories and the choice of flavours which are generally pleasant. The only negatives are that it does contain caffeine so may not suit everyone, and the product sometimes clumps in its packaging. Overall this product is great as a pre-workout formula, and if taken 20 to 30 minutes before your workout you will see the results, without the unpleasant side effects of many formulas on the market.