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How do pre workout supplements work?

Posted on June 27, 2017

How do pre workout supplements work?Dividerimage

Pre Workout Supplements, most people have heard of them and most have tried them too. Most people’s introduction to Pre Workout Supplements come from friends telling you that they had the best workout ever and that you have to try this. Some people have discovered Pre Workout Supplements by themselves when they were looking for a little extra something to boost their training. And the others, well they came to see us here at Sporty’s Health for advice on what would be the best Pre Workout Supplement to help them reach their goals. In a nutshell most of the Pre Workout Supplements have very similar ingredient profiles. They are just a mixture of different ingredients formulated with different levels for you. They also have the same main aim. So, this brings us to the main question.

How do Pre Workout Supplements work?

Pre Workout Supplements pretty much all have the same aim and goal. To help you increase your performance either in the gym, participating in your desired sport or any type of activity you do. The level of help to increase your performance is based on the ingredients in the supplement. And also to some degree, how the person using the Pre Workout Supplements body utilises each ingredient.

How do Pre Workout Supplements make you feel?

This is a very open ended question. Everybody is different, so everybody will have different effects from taking a Pre Workout Supplement. But if we were to generalise here and also cover every Pre Workout Supplement we have in store here is a list of potential benefits. So having a Pre Workout Supplement may help you with these below and more.

• Strength

• Energy

• Endurance

• Focus

• Stamina

• Muscle Building

• Recovery

• Power

• Motivation

• Mood

• Weight Management

Having a Pre Workout Supplement can help make you feel on top of the world, energised, strong, bulletproof, ready to train and talkative. The last point is a key one, especially if the Pre Workout Supplement is a high stimulant type. You have to try to reduce your words to under 600 per minute and also be aware of how long you are taking in between sets as your conversation times may well increase to the detriment of others.

What ingredients are there in Pre Workout Supplements?

This depends on the ingredient profile in the Pre Workout Supplement you choose. There are many different types with many different goals and ways to help you.The ingredients in the weight management Pre Workout Supplements are specifically designed to help you achieve your goals in that area. And they include specific ingredients designed to help you manage your weight over time. The ingredients in this category may include these below.

• L-Carnitine

• Guarana

• Acetyl L-Carnitine

• Chromium Picolinate

• Tyrosine

• Caffeine

• Hydroxycitric Acid


• African Mango Extract

• Green Coffee Bean

• Raspberry Keytones

• Green Tea Extract

• Taurine

• Ginkgo Biloba

• Citrus Aurantium

As you can see there can be many different variations of the above ingredients and more to help you train and also to help you throughout your day. These type of Pre Workout Supplements will have different ingredients compared to the full on, stimulant base, help you get out of any hole type of supplement. The ingredient list in the main Pre Workout Supplements is vast and we probably haven’t got enough room on the page to cover them all. There are also new ingredients being added in with every release in the current Pre Workout Supplements. So here is a few for you that appear across most of the best selling Pre Workout Supplements.

• Creatine

• Beta Alanine

• Arginine

• Caffeine

• Vitamin B

• Taurine

• L-Carnitine

• Citrulline Malate

• L-Leucine

• Agmatine

• Tyrosine

• Glycerol

• Green Tea Extract

There are many different variations for the products above. For instance, the different creatine and caffeine types are huge currently. So we have just listed them above as Creatine and Caffeine to keep it simple. So there you have a brief list of the ingredients you may see in most of the Pre Workout Supplements we have.

Are there any side effects of Pre Workout Supplements?

Side effects can be limited and also vary from person to person. That’s why the supplement companies and we suggest taking a small dosage the first time you try a Pre Workout Supplement or try a new one. You have to remember that most of the Pre Workout Supplements contain caffeine or a similar ingredient to caffeine. It is generally the caffeine and high stimulant Pre Workout Supplements that cause the most problems.

The can give you jitters, make you anxious, keep you awake at night or through the day (if you take naps) and also can make you feel nauseous sometimes. The last side effect and probably the one to look out for the most is the P.W.E.A.R.T side effect. This pre workout side effect is probably the most dangerous of all. It creeps up on you and can happen fast. It can also strike when you least expect it and you better take care of it. On the way to the gym in the car, before you start your workout or training, also during and after your exercise. P.W.E.A.R.T stands for “Pre Workout Eruption, Run to the Toilet” and the most dangerous P.W.E.A.R.T can happen to you in the car on the way to training.

So our advice to you, be prepared. But seriously, start off with small doses and build up to a full strength serve over time. Then you will be able to monitor any side effects your Pre Workout Supplement has on you.

How long do Pre Workout Supplements last?

Most of the Pre Workout Supplements we have in store and online tell you to take them 20 minute to 30 minutes before you start training. This gives your body time to start using the nutrients before you start. How long a Pre Workout Supplement lasts can depend on the person and also the type of training you are doing. It can depend on so many factors really. The buzz can last for hours, it may last only for the hour you train or it may last the whole day and night. You can’t tell until you try the supplement. Also a thing to consider is the longer you take a certain Pre Workout Supplement your body adapts and gets used to it. So you will find some of the affects start to wear off over time.

Where can I get pre workout supplements?

You can get your next favourite Pre Workout Supplement from us here at Sporty’s Health, either Online or come in and see us. You can have a look at our full range of Pre Workout Supplements online here, Pre Workout Supplements For You or just click on the Pre-Workouts or Weight Loss buttons in the menu above.

Remember to be safe when using Pre Workout Supplements, try a small dosage first. If in doubt you can always contact us to ask advice, better to be safe than sorry.

Especially with the dreaded P.W.E.A.R.T.