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Horleys Sculpt Supernaturals - NEW Product

Posted on August 19, 2014

Horleys Sculpt Supernaturals - NEW ProductDividerimage

sculpt.jpgEvery tub of Sculpt Supernaturals is full of special powers: the power of protein, the power of superfoods, and the power of opportunity for busy women wanting to embrace a healthier, more natural lifestyle. Brimming with pure ingredients brought together for the first time by Horleys, Sculpt Supernaturals is purpose-built for enhancing the wellness of women with ease and versatility.

It’s super 

Horleys Sculpt Supernaturals is packed with premium whey protein to nourish muscles and assist the development of a lean, toned shape, while producing a feeling of long-lasting satiety that helps stem cravings for better weight management. It also contains other important nutrients like calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are essential for the optimal performance of the body’s cells, and superfood ingredients such as garcinia, matcha green tea and raw cacao, which variously provide antioxidants and work to reduce fat, increase energy, boost metabolism and aid general wellbeing.

It’s natural

With its all natural formula, Sculpt Supernaturals gives women a clean way to achieve and maintain balance within their bodies. It contains no gluten and no artificial additives, and is low in sugars, fats and carbohydrates, with naturally derived colours, flavours and sweeteners that are low GI. Furthermore, its superfood content enables the gentle cleanse of toxins and neutralisation of free radicals, and stimulates improved body function and restoration. 

It’s perfect for women 

Sculpt Supernaturals was developed by women with a comprehensive understanding of women’s needs, challenges and desires. That’s why, as well as being nutritious and free from artificial nasties, Horleys Sculpt Supernaturals fits easily into busy lifestyles. As with the original Sculpt formula, this breakthrough blend makes a great addition to a breakfast smoothie, and is a quick and easy meal replacement or craving crusher during the day. A Sculpt Supernaturals shake is also ideal before a workout, as it gives a good hit of protein and satisfies hunger without the sensation of being weighed down. To top it all off, it comes in two tempting flavours – Superfruits with Pomegranate and Dark Vanilla with Raw Cacao.

The magic of Sculpt Supernaturals

It’s now easier than ever to create positive life changes with Horleys Sculpt Supernaturals. High in quality and rich in nutrients, this all natural mix combines the best in nutritional science with practicality of design and a genuine ideology, to produce something that women will love, that will love women in return.