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Stress-Less Infographic

Posted on July 15, 2020

Stress-Less InfographicDividerimage

Every time we switch on the news or check our social media profile, there seems to be a new crisis erupting somewhere around the world.


And some of these have reached the shores of Australia too, with bush fires, flooding, a new strain of coronavirus, health concerns and economic hardship becoming a stark reality for countless Australians.


With mainstream media always looking for an emotional fear-inducing headline, you can be sure that mental health is an area in need of support for many around the globe at this time.


Stress, anxiety and low moods can detract from life on a daily basis and if experienced long-term, can negatively impact our health, as well as the competence of the immune system via increased cortisol levels.


Though the best thing to do is get professional help if the situation is dire, there are practical steps that can be taken to support ourselves through tough times, reducing some of the emotional sting.


You might be surprised at how simple stress management can be. The effects of many simple methods can be cumulative and synergistic, supporting positive mental and emotional change.


It doesn’t have to cost the earth either. In fact, many strategies are free, like calisthenics, creative expression and meditation or prayer.


It goes without saying (though it will be said) that there are some foundational steps that need to be covered in order to support physical, mental and emotional health.


For instance, eating a “balanced” diet, drinking plenty of clean water, managing existing health conditions in a self-empowered manner, enjoying regular resistance and aerobic exercise, getting enough quality sleep and ensuring your vitamin D levels are taken care of via the sun or supplements are all essential.


Here’s an infographic that you might find helpful.


Why not infuse your life with some more creativity, less stress and decreased cortisol?





Header Image Created by nikitabuida, Courtesy of FreePik.