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Top 10 Vegan Proteins

Top 10 Vegan Proteins

Vital Greens Vital Protein (Pea Protein Isolate) 1
Vital Greens Vital Protein (Pea Protein Isolate)
  • Vital Greens Vital Protein is HACCP certified natural origin.
  • Vital Greens Vital Protein to support lean muscle mass.
  • GM free, lactose free, gluten free, low allergenic.


Amazonia RAW Slim & Tone 2
Amazonia RAW Slim & Tone
  • Sugar free; very low in carbs.
  • Delicious creamy taste.
  • Certified Organic.
  • Designed to help combat bad digestive bacteria.
Amazonia RAW Protein Isolate 3
Amazonia RAW Protein Isolate
  • 100% Plant Based.
  • All Natural.
  • Quality Bio-Available Protein.
Musashi Plant Protein 4
Musashi Plant Protein
  • Quality Vegan Protein Blend.
  • Support Lean Muscle and General Health.
Designer Physique Pea Protein Isolate 5
Designer Physique Pea Protein Isolate
  • Awesome Flavours
  • All-Natural Product
  • Pea Protein from Belgium (not China)
Balance Plant Protein 6
Balance Plant Protein
  • Balance Naturals Plant Protein.
  • 100% plant-based protein.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • dairy and soy free.
  • Full amino acid profile.
  • Support Muscle Recovery.
Prana On Power Plant Protein 7
Prana On Power Plant Protein
  • Over 30g protein per serve.
  • Low carb, low fat, low sugar.
Amazonia RAW Paleo Fermented Protein 8
Amazonia RAW Paleo Fermented Protein
  • Certified Organic.
  • Fermented Paleo blend with greens.
  • High protein, Low carb formula.
  • Support lean muscle gains.
Amazonia RAW FIT Performance Protein 9
Amazonia RAW FIT Performance Protein
  • Pea and Rice Protein Blend.
  • Natural Flavours and Sweeteners.
  • 2 Delicious Flavours.
Rule 1 R1 Plant Protein 10
Rule 1 R1 Plant Protein
  • 100% Vegan.
  • All Natural.
  • Four Plant-Based Proteins.
  • Great Gourmet Tastes.

About Top 10 Vegan Proteins

Vegan Proteins Top 10 list gives you a current user-generated ranking of the most well-loved vegan protein powders on the market. This is a great way to see what the most popular options are in the booming vegan protein powder market. And IT IS booming! These products are 100% plant-based, animal-free and animal-byproduct free, making them the perfect complement to a vegan diet.


Vegan protein powders can be used by anyone wanting to switch to a more alkaline form of protein, or for those with dairy intolerances and allergies. Some even make the switch from animal-based products to plant-based due to environmental concerns and economical concerns. And with scientific research validating just how nutritionally effective plant-based proteins can be, there's no reason to say no.


Each vegan protein powder comes with subtle differences, whether it be the flavours available, type of sweetener or the source of protein. However, each vegan protein contains of the essential amino acids. These are Isoleucine, leucine, valine, histidine, threonine, lysine, tryptophan, phenylalanine and methionine. And if you can pronounce all these, you’re doing well! These essential amino acids tend to be more limited on a vegan diet. This can make supplementation a very helpful tool, not just for recovery from exercise, but to support general health. After all, muscle tissue has the very important role, not just of movement and lifting objects, of acting as a reservoir of amino acids that we can “tap-into” during times of need. So having a bit extra up your sleeve, or underneath your sleeve to make it literal, is a good thing.


Vegan protein powders have come a long way over the last few decades, with great improvements in processing techniques and flavour profiles, in addition to improved mixability. Each product within the Top 10 Vegan Proteins ranking has an article attached, which is designed to help point you in the right direction towards selecting the most suitable vegan protein powder for you. After all, the world of nutriton can be more than confusing at times. Bon appetit!