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Pre-Workout Supplements

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Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy
43 (1 reviews)  
$29.95 - $59.95
$49.95 - $69.95
40% - 14% OFF
GAT Nitraflex
16 (0 reviews)  
25% OFF
Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout
50 (4 reviews)  
40% OFF
Musashi Pre-Workout
0 (0 reviews)  
20% OFF
Faction Labs Disorder Pre-Workout
1 (1 reviews)  
22% OFF
Maxs Lab Series BetaPump Red Alert
19 (1 reviews)  
21% OFF
BSN EndoRush
0 (0 reviews)  
Muscletech Vapor MAX Pre-Workout
0 (0 reviews)  
29% OFF
Ghost Legend Pre-Workout
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22% OFF
Gold Standard Pre-Workout
21 (1 reviews)  
$34.95 - $59.95
$49.95 - $79.95
30% - 25% OFF
Rhino Pre-Workout Black Series
0 (0 reviews)  
22% OFF

About Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workouts are flavoured powdered products containing any combination of nutrients, herbal and whole food extracts that are designed to enhance sports and exercise performance. Depending on the product, a pre-workout may target power output, endurance or even energy and focus. Many pre-workout supplements contain stimulants, the most common of which is caffeine. Stimulants enhance performance by improving energy, focus and motivation to train. However, caffeine-free alternatives are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for those who exercise in the afternoon or evening. Some of the most commonly used nutrients in pre-workouts are caffeine, creatine, arginine, citrulline and beta-alanine.


Some pre-workouts target increased in nitric oxide synthesis with ingredients like agmatine, citrulline, arginine or natural nitrates. Nitric oxide is a gas synthesized in the blood vessels that assists with blood flow to muscle tissue, which improves nutrient delivery to working muscles. This means it may boost performance and enhances muscle pumps and even vascularity. Despite over-the-top claims, like "skin-splitting pumps" and "blow out your shirt sleeves" that are obviously over enthusiastic, there is considerable scientific in support of nitric oxide enhancers with regular use over time.


Another popular pre-workout effect is nootropic ingredients to boost cognition and mood. In this instance, ingredients are included to support specific neurotransmitters in the brain, such as acetylcholine, which is associated with memory and learning. Other common nootropics in Australia include L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Huperzine A and Acetyl-L-Carnitine.


As some pre-workout ingredients wane in popularity over time, like arginine HCL, others come to the forefront of our attention. One such nutrient is inositol-stabilised arginine silicate. This nutrient was studied and reported about by The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2015. Their research indicated that at 1,500mg taken pre-workout, you can expect increased energy levels, increased post-training pumps and reduced markers of muscle damage (average 44% reduction). At less than half a teaspoon, this is a nutrent that we can expect to see more of in product formulations in the comming years.


Pre-workout supplements come in a wide range of flavours, such as lemon-lime and grape, and even exotic flavours like blueberry mojito and peach lemonade. In addition to caffeine-free options, these products come in a range of caffeine levels to accommodate for different sensitivities. Given that caffeine intakes are typically quite high already, through caffeinated beverages and coffee, caffeine-free products can be especially useful. 


Whether you exercise recreationally or are a serious athlete training for the next Olympics, the Sportys Health range of quality pre-workouts is sure to have something to help you achieve your performance goals. If you have never tried one before, just remember to be aware of the caffeine content, with 100mg roughly equivalent to a cup of coffee. If you are of a low bodyweight, your response to caffeine with be heightened. This means a lower caffeine content product, or caffeine-free alternative, will be best. If you are completely unsure of how you will respond, start with a fraction of a dose with a low caffeine pre-workout, taken well before lunch time.