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Body Science BSc Whey Ultra 100% Whey
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Body Science BSc Whey Ultra 100% Whey

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BSc Whey Protein offers a premium blend of isolate, concentrate and peptides (hydrolysate) in a natural flavour and sweetener base. This functional formulation contains prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes, making BSc Whey Ultra a healthy choice in whey protein powder that supports lean muscle recovery and optimal health.


Product Features

  • Natural Sweeteners and Flavours.
  • Quality Whey Protein.
  • Support Muscle Recovery.
  • Probiotics & Prebiotics.
  • with Digestive Enzymes.



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Do you like to slam down a whey protein shake after a solid gym session? Or maybe you use them throughout the day as a snack. No matter when or how you use them, whey protein powders have become one of the most popular sports nutrition products on the global marketplace.


Whey Ultra Chocolate Container

There's a reason that there are so many protein powder users worldwide- people are noticing benefits. Whey protein is a high biological value protein offering an excellent balance of amino acids. This is why supplements like BSc Whey Protein are so effective at stimulating muscle healing and adaptation to exercise.


BSc Whey Protein Ultra is perfect for muscle recovery after exercise, when muscular micro-damage needs to be healed and made stronger to better resist any future wear and tear. This is essentially why muscles grow. We stress them out, and in an attempt to minimise future damage the muscle builds itself bigger and stronger.


So although we need to train, we also need quality nutrition to assist with proper recovery. Otherwise, we won't be making the most out of our time spent training. This is where quality protein is important. Many people use protein powders as a convenient, economical and easy-on-the-digestion way to boost their protein intake.


BSc Whey Protein contains no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners and is naturaly sweetened with stevia. It also has added digestive enzymes, two of which are protease and lactase. These enzymes assist with protein and lactose (milk sugar) digestion, respectively. On top of all this, Body Science have added prebiotics and probiotics to assist in keeping your gut healthy. Prebiotics are the food that probiotics or beneficial bacteria thrive on.


BSc Whey Protein is an awesome member of the ULTRA RANGE of products from this market leader in sports nutrition supplementation.


How to Use BSc Whey Protein Ultra

Mix 33g (2 Scoops) into 300ml Cold Water and consume.

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Body Science BSc Whey Ultra 100% Whey Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 33g (2 Heaped Scoops)

Protein (Dry Basis)
- Gluten
Fat, Total
- Saturated
Carbohydrates, Total
- Sugars

BSc Whey Protein Ultra INGREDIENTS: BSc Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate, Emulsifier [Sunflower Lecithin]), Cocoa Powder (5%), Natural Flavour, Prebiotic Fibre (Orafti Inulin), Proiotic (Lactospore Bacillus coagulans), Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides), Digezyme Digestive Enzyme Blend (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lipase, Lactase). CONTAINS MILK.


Whey Protein amino acid profile