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Balance Glutamine

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Balance Glutamine is a pure amino acid powder containing no fillers, flavours or sweeteners that is relatively tasteless and may be added to protein shakes, pre-workouts or intra-workouts. L -Glutamine is a conditionally-essential amino acid that supports glutathione synthesis in the body, a powerful antioxidant, as well as promoting muscle glycogen, digestive and immune health.


Product Features

  • Aids Glycogen Restoration.
  • Support Immune and GUT Health.
  • Most Abundant Amino Acid in Muscle Tissue.
  • Boost Peak Torque.
  • Reduce DOMS.



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Balance Glutamine is a conditionally-essential amino acid, as it is believed that during times of stress, we are unable to synthesize enough to meet our needs. Such conditions may be infection, sepsis or burns, amongst others. L-Glutamine has been used for decades to support sports peformance and recovery, being one of the most common ingredients in a range of pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout nutritionals formulas, due to this amino acid's broad range of effects. 


L-Glutamine Powder

Research has shown that Glutamine boosts glycogen accumulation after exercise, which indicates uesfullness for recovery from glycogen-demanding long-duration sports and exercises, such as rowing, running and cycling1. Furthermore, Glutamine has been shown to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness after exercise, which indicates it will help particularly with the pain experienced 24-48 hours after exercise in weight lifters2,3. Balance Glutamine provides a no-filler, no-additive pure powder to meet all of your glutamine needs.


L-Glutamine has also been demonstrated to increase muscle power output, or peak torque, which certainly is a great thing for powerlifers, sprinters, or anyone requiring some explosive power. Balance Glutamine may also be used to support the immune system, and assist with gastrointestinal mucosal healing. The mucosa is a layer of cell that protects our stomach and intestines, which can become damaged during conditions such as Crohn's and Coeliac's Disease. Glutamine can also be considered a great brain food.


Balance Glutamine is a great all round pure amino acid powder that can assist with sports performance and recovery, as well as a range of health conditions.



  1. Varnier M et al. Stimulatory effect of glutamine on glycogen accumulation in human skeletal muscle. The American Journal of Physiology, 1995 Vol 269 E309-E315
  2. Tajari S.N. et al. Assessment of the effects of L-glutamine supplementation on DOMS. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2010 Vol 44;1 
  3. Legault Z et al. The influence of oral L-Glutamine supplementation on muscle strength recovery and soreness following unilateral knee extension eccentric exercise. International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 2015 Vol 25;5 p. 417-426


Balance Glutamine Directions

Add 1 tspn (5g) to food or cold beverage (can be added to protein shake). Use up to 3 times daily, including one serving after exercise.

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Balance 100% Glutamine Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 5g (1 Scoop)


INGREDIENTS: Glutamine (100%). 

Formulated Without: Gluten, Wheat, Animal Products, Dairy Products, Egg, Soy, Corn, Artificial Colours, Artifical Flavours, Artificial Sweeteners, Preservatives.