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Wagner products usher in a new era for nutritional products and supplements. Their mission statement, "The pursuit of perfect health", encapsulates the continual improvement process sourcing ingredients and manufacturing, that is simultaneously improving the quality of the end-product to the consumer, and driving down prices. 

Wagner products are available from leading health food stores, gyms, pharmacies and nutritionists, and with access to online support from Naturopaths Ingrid Pilz, and Eve Storer-Blake, the consumer can rest assured that there is a Wagner product ideal for their needs. 

Whether it be joint and bone health, heart circulation, digestive health or muscle cramps and tension, Wagner products select only the finest ingredients from nature - naturopath approved - to alleviate symptoms that arise from our busy lives. Wagner products are also available to boost immunity to ensure you get through next winter without succumbing to colds and influenza. 

Wagner provides health support in the way of Wagner Probiotica P3, Ester C and Ester C powder and Kyolic High Potency Formula. Wagner's Ester C is particularly potent in boosting the immune system through providing Vitamin C in a form that is highly bio-available, meaning the body's cells uptake it much more rapidly than other, traditional forms of Vitamin C on the market. For the athlete in all of us, Wagner's Ester C aids in the repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue through it's powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger properties. 

The tried and true immune boosting properties of garlic have also been harnessed by Wagner for their Kyolic Garlic supplements. Unlike other product offerings, Kyolic is not just coated in sugar or other chemicals to mask the unpleasant garlic odour, but rather, a unique manufacturing process ages the garlic, eliminating the odour. This results in a superior odourless aged garlic extract that retains the S ally cysteine content, with proven antioxidant and immune stimulating properties. 

Continuing down the distinguished Wagner product line, we come to one of their most successful offerings, the Wagner Probiotica P3 probiotic. Superior manufacturing processes have resulted in a product that combines the advantages of being non-dairy based and completely stable at room temperature, meaning the discerning consumer always has a Probiotica on-hand to regenerate the natural flora in the intestinal system, boosting overall health, digestive and immune function. Perfect products for those of us that travel frequently, or lead busy lives that can affect our health. Wagner's suite of products are the perfect supplements to live life to the fullest.

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